2012 Job Hunting: Digital or Die

job-target-imageIf you’re job hunting and you’re not taking full advantage of digital tools, you can wind up invisible to the very people whose attention you want: hiring managers and top recruiters.

Here at Techead, we have an entire team devoted to combing the web, looking for the best and brightest candidates for the great gigs our clients are looking to fill, and we are not alone. If you want to land an exciting new career opportunity, you’ve got to have a digital strategy or your dreams are likely to die on the vine.

Here are our recommendations for building an effective digital presence for you and your career goals:

Profile Yourself

Your social media profiles – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ – are key to getting the attention of recruiters. Ours, and everyone else’s. Sure, a sharp resume is critical. But you won’t even get to share that resume if your profiles aren’t attention-getting.

  • Become a source of great information in your area of expertise by sharing industry news and insights. 
  • Demonstrate your passion about your work. 
  • Tell a compelling story about what you bring to the marketplace. 
  • Make your profiles SEO-friendly by using keywords that reflect your skills, and the needs of the companies you’d like to work for.

Show Up Online Daily

Don’t set up social media profiles and just let them sit there. Nothing says “disconnected” like a Twitter feed that’s been silent for two weeks. Build an hour or two of social media engagement into your daily job hunting activities. 

  • Create and nurture relationships with recruiters who work in your area of interest, using the tips in the previous section.
  • Connect with people you’ve worked with, and keep them engaged. Help them if you can, and ask for their help connecting with recruiters or hiring managers in your industry.
  • Build a Twitter list of the top influencers in your field, and follow their conversations. You’ll make some new connections, and have the chance to expand your network.

And, speaking of networks …

It’s All About the Network

Networking online is just like networking face-to-face: it’s about listening more than it is about talking. Look for great people to listen to, and start conversations with them. When the opportunity presents itself, ask for help connecting with others who can advance your cause. And always give back – that’s the key to building relationships, isn’t it?

Here are some people that we think are tops on Twitter when it comes to job-hunting.

Our Top 10 Tweeters for 2012:

@askamanager – advice for careers in all ages and stages

@careerrocketeer – great advice AND a LinkedIn Group

@ed_han – a terrific writer and a top source of job-related info

@jacobshare – another great writer, and a job-search expert

@megguiseppi – a top resource for veteran careerists and executives

@nealschaffer – social media job search rock star

@profkrg – J-school professor “saving the world one idiot at a time”

@recruitingblogs – social network of recruiting bloggers (we’re hoping for an invite!)

@resumebear – terrific tips for your resume and for social media job-search

@wetfeet_career – great job-search tips & writing on a very well-designed blog

Make 2012 the year you accelerate your career, and land the gig of your dreams. Get social, start connecting, make every day count.

You can get started right here by checking out our great job listings, you can ramp up your skills by taking one of our creative-tech training courses … and you can come back here every Tuesday to pick up our weekly tips on gigs, staffing, training, and creative web development.

Have a terrific 2012!

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