25 Years and Counting…


Our staff surprised us with a cake yesterday. Celebrating 25 Years and counting. Twenty-five years ago, Philise and I used our wedding money to launch a business out of our one bedroom apartment on Addison Street in the Fan, here in Richmond. Since then, we’ve grown our business to 20 states and we conservatively estimate that we have placed over 5,000 people with well known Fortune 1,000 companies, Educational institutions and Federal, State and Local Governments.

We launched our business in the aftermath of the ’87 Stock Market crash. From 3 clients we grew our business to survive: Various “dot bomb” waves, the 9/11 attacks, the IT recession of 2003, a major Flooding event in 2004 (Tropical Storm Gaston), and “The Great Recession” of 2008 until now.

Besides being recognized with multiple honors and awards such as: the Inc. 5000 (four years in Row), The Inner City 100, The Rising 25, The Fantastic 50….nothing ever replaces the feeling we get when someone tells Philise or I that they have heard of TECHEAD or that we have placed them with their dream job or opportunity. The feeling I can share in one word is “humbled”.

What did these two Painting and Printmaking majors from VCU learn about business? Lots!

A key lesson from our experience is that we could not have survived by ourselves. Without strong relationships with our employees, clients, contractors, vendors and our community (RVA). We doubt we could have lasted more than year.

Philise and I are humbled and grateful for this opportunity to showcase our example of what a “home grown” local business can be with the support of local clients, a local employee base and a economic ecosystem that can support a company like ours to weather the good times and bad. We love RVA, and can’t imagine starting our business (and staying) anywhere else.


Phil Conein | President

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