Time to Refresh Your Resume? Here Are 3 Tips.

out of work supermodel imageThe economy is recovering. That’s the good news. The bad news might be that you’re either still looking for your next great gig, or you’re looking to move out of your current job and into a better one.

If you’ve been looking for a while – two months or longer – it might be time to start evaluating the tools you’re using for your search. The first tool you need to take a hard look at is your resume. Here are our three tips for brushing up your #1 search tool:

#1: Customize your resume for specific jobs

One size does not fit all. Ever. Every time you respond to a new opportunity, you should build your resume details to highlight the experience you have that’s relevant to that specific job. It could be as simple as changing the wording on your previous experience to mirror the job description you’re applying for, or it could mean adding emphasis to previous experience that’s relevant to the role you’re after. 

Don’t write fiction. Write compelling truth – yours – that reflects your experience in a way that shows you’re right for the job.

#2: Highlight results

Don’t make a long list detailing your activities at each of your previous gigs. Focus on results.

Did you oversee projects? What were the outcomes of those projects? Did you prepare and present reports on those projects? 

Did your work significantly impact a business unit? Was your team responsible for revenue gains? Did your working group have positive impact on making budget, or cutting costs?

Share results, show your impact and value.

#3: Get personal, but not too personal

If  you want to share personal details in your resume, focus on your volunteering and community involvement. This is particularly important if you’ve got gaps due to unemployment or under-employment during the recession.  Think about how your volunteerism and community involvement might be relevant to your search, and to the job you’d like to land.

Did you coach others who were looking for jobs? Did you manage a community project? Did you build a team to tackle a project at your church? Take a look at your community involvement, and add a section to your resume if you’ve got relevant experience to share.

Finding a new job is getting a bit easier as the economy regains its footing. It’s important to put your own best foot forward with a well-crafted, targeted resume. You can talk to one of our recruiters for tips – and definitely check out our job board.

Who knows? Your next great gig might be right there, waiting for you.

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