Time for summer school for your career?

Ah, summer. The beach, a vacation to somewhere exciting, backyard barbecues, family picnics.

While you’re planning all your fun this summer, don’t forget some R & R for your career, too: Refreshing and Retooling your skill-set to increase your value to your employer or your clients. If you work in a creative or creative-tech field, we can help you pick up or sharpen cutting edge skills from

summer school imagemobile development


iBooks content creation,





and also the

full suite of Adobe Creative products.

Continuing education isn’t something that any of us can afford to ignore, whether we’ve been working at the same company for 10 years or are running our own freelance business. And if you have employees, it’s critical to maintaining your competitive edge that your team keeps their skills competitive, isn’t it?

Speaking of training and competitive edge, our mobile development partner, Shockoe – who also provides our mobile app development training program – got some big love from Appcelerator yesterday (June 4, 2012) on their Think Mobile blog. Shockoe is an Appcelerator Select Authorized Training Partner, as well as a Gold Integration Partner in the US and Latin America. Here’s what we think is one of the best quotes from the piece:

“For any business/organization considering taking their first step towards extending their company’s architecture to mobile devices, addressing an issue that involves severe cost concerns might seem daunting; however, resolving these isssues can often be some of the best projects to take on. The fear of backlash from a failed project is far outweighed by the potential benefits of a successful product’s lasting effects on an organization’s growth.”

 So, enjoy your summer – and think about some summer-school heat for your career or your business. Refresh & retool your skills, and those of your team. You’ll move into fall with a freshly-sharpened competitive edge.

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