Code Ninja or Design Warrior? Maybe a little bit of both!

“Good designers and good developers actually have a lot in common.” — Austin Bales

It has been said that if you are more an engineer, the less of a designer you are.  Design is generally associated with “right brain” activities, and engineering with “left brain” thinking.  In truth, both disciplines are more similar than you may think.

Everyone has a certain skill level in the designer and/or developer subject areas, and many of the skills and habits that help to propel someone in either area would help in both. People may have a tendency to lean towards one area over the other, but no one has a “type” that would prevent them from learning and improving as a designer or a developer.  

The barrier is often mental.  People who have categorized themselves as an engineering (or math and science) type will shy away from and avoid areas of knowledge considered to be in the realm of a designer (or “creative”) type.  

At Techead, we speak Designer and Developer.   Contact one of our Talent Specialists today to let us help you unleash your inner Code Ninja or Design Warrior and find your next great opportunity! 





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