Congrats to Daniel Moore our TTT!

Each quarter we highlight one of our contract employees for outstanding performance during the quarter. We have our recruiters vote on who they think went above and beyond to show their passion and dedication to hard work.

daniel mooreTTT

This quarter we selected Daniel Moore, who was not only recognized by his recruiter, but by his manager for his exemplary work at our client site. His manager stated, “I received a great compliment today on one of his first projects that he worked on when he joined the team and how his contributions to the project are still being recognized as a key contributing factor to the success of the project.

Daniel is a “outside-the-box” creative Graphic Designer with nearly 10 years’ expertise and experience in branding, logo design, and front-end web design/development. Check out his website, for a view of his wonderful portfolio.

He is one of the tops in his field and is certainly #1 on our list!

Once again we want to congratulate Daniel for his hard work and dedication to TECHEAD. Keep up the amazing work!

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