Countdown to Adobe Max

If you have taken one or more of the Adobe classes offered at TECHEAD’s training center, you know how an Adobe course taught by an excellent instructor helps your career. The Adobe Max Conference held October 1-3, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA, will give you the opportunity to take your education and experience to the next level.

Here are five reasons to consider attending Adobe Max this year:

1) Learn from the nation’s best instructors and speakers.

Adobe Max recruits its educators from experts worldwide. You will have the opportunity to learn from their years of experience. TECHEAD proudly shares that
one of our own Flash instructors, Lou Barber, will speak at this year’s conference. (If you can’t make it to L.A., consider taking his class right here in Richmond!)

2) Network with successful professionals in your field.

Tap into the energy, passion and knowledge of other professionals in your field. Adobe Max is a great place to develop new relationships and share information with your peers. It brings together a mix of designers, developers and business strategists from a wide range of organizations. At Adobe Max, you can exchange ideas and build relationships with people who deal with similar challenges to yours. And when you leave, those contacts will be part of your organization’s extended network.

3) Prepare to face new challenges.

It’s no secret that technology changes constantly. In order to productively meet your organization’s varied challenges, you must be vigilant about keeping up with new developments. Adobe Max will equip you with the fresh ideas, insight and knowledge you need to meet your organization’s challenges head-on and take your company into the next decade and beyond.

4) Find out what’s new.

Adobe Max is the ideal place to learn about new devices and screens, new input methods, new formats and new distribution models. Stay informed and relevant by learning about all of the cutting-edge, cool trends at Adobe Max.

5) Return to your office refreshed and recharged.

Anyone who has ever attended an excellent conference knows the “reboot” effect it can have for their work life. If your job feels somewhat stale, the fun and inspiring environment at Adobe Max may be just what you need to get motivated again.

For more information about the Adobe Max conference, visit the website at

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