iBooks Author: go from boring to WOW

If content is king, then content delivery is queen. You can have the greatest story in the world, but it you tell it in a way that doesn’t grab your reader … you’re toast. Your message was not delivered.

(c) Apple iBooks

Apple has built a global reputation for creating innovative, engaging products. They’ve (somewhat quietly) launched a product that can help any writer, any designer, any content creator create interactive learning tools that will engage and inspire readers while effectively sharing knowledge: iBooks Author.

Author is a free app, but its power is beyond price. Imagine being able to create 3D interactive user guides, or pop-up quizzes that will keep the students in your classroom engaged throughout a lesson. You can build animations that literally make your topic leap off the page, add support for the hearing or visually impaired, and then sell it via iTunes and in the iBookstore for deployment on iPads around the globe.

The trick is figuring out all the ins-and-outs of iBooks Author, and learning how to put it to use for your project. Enter the new iBooks Author course  that we’ve put on our training calendar, with classes scheduled for April, May, and June.

TECHEAD has been dedicated to great creative and developer training for a long time. With the advent of iBooks Author, we see where the future of learning is headed, and that future is content delivered on the tablet.

We’ve got a top teacher, Sean Cooke, leading the charge. We’ve got a series of Lunch & Learn sessions to help spread the word about our new iBooks Author course, and our other great creative/developer training.

Watch this space for updates. Share with your networks. Sign up for an upcoming iBooks Author class, or for one of the L&Ls. Train your brain – it’s your ticket to being an in-demand expert, in iBooks and in everything else!

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