Meet Dennis MacPherson: jQuery and Responsive Web Guru

The static web of the turn of the century has become the interactive, intuitive mobile web of today. Developing web sites and applications for companies and organizations that want to create immersive, engaging web experiences for their customers means that designers and developers need to stay at the leading edge of trends. That’s where Dennis MacPherson lives, at that leading/bleeding edge of how to build and code the latest in web trends.

Dennis teaches a pretty comprehensive menu of courses for designers and developers at TECHEAD. The latest addition to his training menu is

Responsive Web

which is the latest addition to the TECHEAD training calendar, with the first edition of the one-day course scheduled for July 31. What’s Responsive Web? Here’s Dennis’s description: 

It’s how to make a static, fixed-markup website display beautifully on a smart phone or tablet. It’s how to transform a nav bar from the large desktop monitor to the small mobile device screen. It’s the code that detects screen size, modifies text, and shrinks and expands images, depending upon the device being viewed. Responsive Web Design employes HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript – and it works!

The rest of Dennis’s training menu includes:

HTML5/CSS3 for web designers

This is a one-day crash course for experienced web professionals ready for what’s new in mobile web, tablet and cross-browser compatible front-end development with HTML5 and CSS3. If you want the sites you design to look great on tablets and other mobile devices, Dennis can teach you exactly what you need to know to make that happen.


jQuery helps front-end developers implement popular user interface components like tabs, accordions, dialog boxes, and calendar-based date selectors. It also supports the implementation of interaction widgets that make elements draggable, droppable, resizable, selectable, or sortable. Make your sites engaging, even playful, with a full understanding of jQuery. You need a working knowledge of HTML and CSS to get the full impact of this one-day intensive class. 

Introduction to HTML5/XHTML

This 2-day course will teach you what you need to know to customize WordPress, Drupal and Tumblr themes. Learning the basics of HTML and CSS is where you start building web pages, including layouts and formatting. You’ll be able to get a basic website up and running, and learn the importance of accessibility standards and other important resources for budding web designers.

We asked Dennis, who’s been working on the web for many years, a few questions about how he became the web whiz he is:

What got you started in web development? 

Clients started coming to me for websites and web hosting as the internet started to establish itself as a communication channel for business, education, and non-profits. They were also seeking training and consulting, and it’s grown steadily since then, as the web has changed and grown.

When did you start teaching, and why?

I started teaching at a community college in 1983, and haven’t stopped since because I love to teach, and share my knowledge.

What’s your #1 goal for students in any of your training sessions?

Understanding. I want every student in the class to walk away knowing how to apply what they just learned in ways that will have a positive impact on their businesses, their careers, their lives.

What trends are you following in web development/design?

I’m currently following the mobile web and its design and development, especially as it relates to jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3 – which is why I love to teach those topics.

Why should experienced web developers continue to refresh their skills?

Technology is constantly evolving; if you miss one thing, you’re lost. Get too far behind and you become irrelevant.

What excites you most about what you do?

Meeting new people. Teaching gives me that opportunity more than anything else I do. I love it.

Come to the TECHEAD Lunch’n’Learn on June 29 at our headquarters in the Shockoe Design District, meet Dennis, and find out what’s happening with the Responsive Web!

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