Meet Jim English – Our Terrific TECHEAD Talent !

Each quarter we highlight one of our contract employees for outstanding performance during the quarter. We have our recruiters vote on who they think went above and beyond to show their passion and dedication to hard work.

This quarter our recruiters selected Jim English as the TTT!

Jim has been with our company for almost 3 years and has been an amazing employee from the beginning. A little about Jim:

In August Jim moved 3000+ miles to the coast of Northern California after living/working in New York City for 10 years. He is now working remotely at the same capacity that was just months ago in Rockefeller Plaza. With San Francisco a little over an hour away he and his wife still have city-life within a reasonable grasp if needed.

We want to congratulate Jim in all his accomplishments and we hope you the best!

Happy Holidays from TECHEAD!

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