The Right Staff Is the Key to Business Growth

The “right staff” path to business growth: ¬†attract, train, empower

This week’s headline might seem a bit “well, DUH!” to you – if so, you’re a smart business person. Simply adding bodies to your team is no guarantee that you’ll see bottom-line growth. You have to add the right staff – in the right positions – to stimulate growth in your business.

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Create a great place to work, and talented staff will beat a path to your door.

If you’ve been building your company alone, using contractors to fulfill your contracts, adding permanent staff is a big step. Even if you’ve got a good core team of employees, and are looking to expand on that team, you’ve got to take a hard look at how your work process flow runs now, and plan how you’ll integrate your new team members. In either case, you’ll have to surrender control over some things in order to empower your new staff members, and to fit them into your business’s structure and work-flow. Draw an organization chart that includes the staff you want to add. Create a work-flow chart that adds the people you plan to hire to your business process. Fully research what the salary ranges are for the positions you plan to fill.

If you hire people before you create org and work-flow charts, you’ll struggle to integrate them into your company – and there’s a high degree of likelihood that you won’t be able to keep the talent you’ve attracted. And if you don’t offer compensation that meets the expectations of the talent you want to attract, you’ll wind up with candidates who won’t fuel your growth engine.

Build a culture of continuing learning for your staff, and your company.

Once you’ve selected the people who will add the most talent to your staff, you’ve got to train them so they deliver their best work to your company and your customers. Be clear about the skill-sets you require, create an ongoing training program that builds skill. Add clear accountability metrics by drawing up outcomes for each job title that make it clear what the rewards are for meeting and exceeding goals. Make it clear that your staff’s success is tied to the company’s success, and let everyone own a piece of that success.

You’ve created a great place to work, you’ve set up a training program that builds a cycle of success and reward.¬†

You must empower your staff.

This means surrendering come control, which is one of the hardest things for a business owner to do. Particularly for someone who’s moving from solopreneur to the leader of a team.

Start with the clear goals you created when training your staff, and build a regular brainstorming session into your monthly company calendar. Let your employees share their ideas, and encourage them to talk about their own career goals, not just the company’s growth targets. Reward staff who show innovation and creativity – this ties in well with the training program that you built to get and keep your team on the growth track. Listening to your team’s ideas, implementing the ones that show promise, and then rewarding them when those ideas pay off creates a cycle of success for your company and your staff.

Everybody wins.

If you’d like some help developing a growth strategy, we’ve added Strategic Growth sessions to our course calendar. We can also provide training for your staff on subjects from Adobe Creative Suite to web design to mobile development – check out our full training calendar for details. And we have an always-refreshing list of terrifically talented candidates for the staff positions you’re creating. Contact our staffing team to explore your options.

Here’s to your business growth in 2012, powered by the right staff!

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