Small Business: Working ON, or Working IN?

If you own a small business, you’re used to working long hours to keep the wheels on the bus of your enterprise. Selling, delivering, re-thinking product and service lines, cash flow management, revenue planning, marketing, networking … the activity list gets pretty daunting, doesn’t it?

leadership keyWe know exactly how you feel. TECHEAD works with Fortune 500 clients, but we’re a small, woman-owned business. We’ve got a great team, and after 20+ years we’ve learned that we – the owners of the business – can’t do it all.

We learned that we have to work ON our business, not IN our business. That’s a hard lesson for some small business leaders to learn, and some never do – they wind up either stressed out or out of business, sometimes both.

When TECHEAD started, it wasn’t in a garage. It was in a small apartment in Richmond, Virginia – basically the same thing as a garage. We started small, and over the years we grew into the building in Shockoe Bottom that we occupy today.

This little history lesson isn’t really about us; it’s an illustration of our point that we’ve been-there-done-that when it comes to starting, growing, and running a small business. Which brings us to our actual point: we’ve been training creatives for years. Now we can offer meaningful training to small business owners, to help you work ON your business, not IN your business.

Business Strategy Workshops at TECHEAD with The Growth CoachWe’ve partnered with Jack Harsh of The Growth Coach, a network of business and leadership coaches who offer terrific leadership, sales, and marketing programs for small business leaders. The Growth Coach programs have high value for business owners, for their management teams, and for self-employed professionals who are looking to get more out of their work lives. 

The best thing about The Growth Coach approach is that they don’t shove you into a cookie-cutter program; they work with you to determine your strengths, and then help you leverage them into business results. And they’re all about The Plan: you create a strategic plan, and you revisit it every 90 days to measure results and build new targets.

Taking the time to work ON your business can be difficult when you’re in the trenches. We’d encourage you to give yourself a leg up for 2012, and take a look at our new workshop offerings made possible by our collaboration with Jack Harsh and The Growth Coach.

If you’re a freelance creative, this can help you turn your freelance career into a thriving small business – even if you’re its only employee. If you own a small business, you can build it into your vision of success by working ON it while coaching your team how to work effectively IN it.

We know the challenges of running a small business. We thought this would be a great way to help other small business owners draw a clear road-map to their business, and personal, goals.

We hope to see you soon!

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