Social Media – Friend or Foe?


While updating our company Facebook page recently, we noticed something didn’t seem right. The screen “froze” and access was suddenly denied.

On Friday, February 15, 2013, Facebook announced in a blog post that it has been the target of an unidentified hacking group.

According to their blog, the hackers gained access to its corporate network by exploiting a vulnerability in Oracle’s Java software. Facebook, with more than 1 billion users, assured all of its users that though they were hacked they do not have any evidence that any user data was compromised.

This announcement adds Facebook to a group of other well-known companies that have been hacked including: Twitter, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and most recently, Apple. Consumers are growing increasingly worried about the safety of their information floating out in the digital “cloud”.

So the question on everyone’s mind is: “How do you protect yourself against a potential hack?”

One suggestion, according to the Department of Homeland Security, it is strongly suggested that you disable Java in your browser

Even with Java disabled, your data could be vulnerable. Word to the Wise: Use CAUTION when using Social Media!

If it is online, it can be found.

If you delete it, it can still be found.

Even if you secure it, it can still be accessed.

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