Meet Michael Kalson,TECHEAD Staffing Operations Guru [bonus at the end!]

techead icon logoTECHEAD has a reputation for providing companies with great contract and permanent employees, particularly in creative, technology, and finance positions. We were very happy to add Michael Kalson to our own team early last year, and have been even happier every day since.

Michael has deep experience in human resources, with a dozen years in technical and scientific recruiting. What’s really impressive, though, is his military service as a US Navy medical corpsman and his musical talent – he plays the guitar, and is in a band that plays around the Richmond region. We’re trying to get him to put together a TECHEAD house band, but he’s been so busy filling terrific jobs with top talent recently – TECHEAD is fielding 100 new job contracts a month, which makes us think the recession might really be in remission – that the house band idea is still on his back burner.

I talked to Michael a few days ago about what brought him to TECHEAD, and what his goals are for our staffing business:

What brought you to TECHEAD?

It was a small company with some really big ideas. TECHEAD has some audacious goals, which made me think that I could really make a difference. To TECHEAD, to its clients, and to the terrific people we place in companies across the country.

What’s the thing that gets you out of bed each and every day (that’s not your alarm clock)?

Knowing that our clients and our team are counting on me to help them find the best candidate for their company, or the best opportunities for our candidates.

What was the best thing that happened for you at work this week?

I found a great candidate for a great company, and I put them together. They are going to make great music together!

What’s the biggest challenge you face every day?

Time is my biggest challenge – there just isn’t enough of it. This is true for everyone, but it’s particularly tight in the staffing business. We have to ac t fast on behalf of our clients, because in staffing, time can kill a deal. You only have a short window of time to fill a position with the right person for the gig. It’s a challenge, every single day.

What advice do you have for someone who’s starting a job search?

Have your resume evaluated by someone whom will give you honest feedback about it. Make changes to your resume that make sense, don’t just change something because a friend suggested it. Learn from every interview you get, even if the position turns out to be nothing like what you were looking for.

What’s your #1-with-a-bullet tip for someone who’s been looking for a job for longer than 6 months?

Stay positive! If you give in to negativity and negative thinking, chances are you are going to feel, look and act negatively. When you’re positive, you smile (even when things are bad), you laugh (even when you don’t have much to laugh about), you take chances (even when you have nothing to lose). Stay POSITIVE!

Michael is himself one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, so I’d say he walks his talk. He’s passionate about helping people get great jobs at the terrific companies on our client list. That’s a positive win/win, no doubt about it.

There’s a mention of a bonus in the headline – here it is. If you’re a creative looking for a great job, TECHEAD has plenty on the board. Take a look, get in touch with Michael or one of our terrific recruiters, and when you land that gig, here’s the bonus: after 90 days on that new job, you get two days of free Adobe® training. That’s a free Illustrator class and a Photoshop class, or an Acrobat class and an advance Photoshop class, or a two-day InDesign basic or advanced class.

That’s win/win/win, for you and for us. We help you get a great gig, which makes our client happy (which is what we live for here). You’re happy (the other half of what we live for here), which means you’ll do great work. And we’ll help you hone and increase your skill-set as a thank-you.

Hope you join us!


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