3 Tips for Staffing Smart in 2012

staffing imageIf you’ve weathered the last few challenging years with your business – and your sanity – intact … congratulations! The economy looks decidedly more positive than it has in the last few years, and many companies are looking at expanding their teams in 2012.

Before you grow your team, here are the three most important considerations we think a business owner or hiring manager needs to take into consideration:

  1. Is there room in the budget for hiring employees, or should you consider contractors? The cost of the process of recruiting, screening, interviewing, and on-boarding a new employee can be significant. Take a hard look at your pipeline, your revenue, and your cash flow before you decide to hire a permanent employee. If your budget allows, great. If not, and you still need help to keep the wheels on your company’s bus, consider the contractor option. You can hire contractors for specific projects, or use a staffing firm’s stable of talent to fill a need for six months, a year, or longer. Take a hard look at what your business really needs: permanent team members who can drive long-term business growth and deepen company culture, or talented hired guns who can help you manage and grow your booked business. 
  2. Does your company culture need some new blood? Are all your players bringing their A game? Are they playing extra innings? It might be time to deepen your bench. We’ll stick with the baseball metaphor and advise you to take a look across your organization to see who might be traded (be encouraged to seek new opportunities), who could move up in the batting order (get promoted), who could be a promising recruit (that one works in every game, doesn’t it?). Think of your team as a real team, and assess the level of their game. Rearrange the players to suit the needs of your business and its continued growth.
  3. What skill-sets are on the rise in your industry? If you’re a software development company, what are the hottest new development platforms – and does your team need some new expertise? If you’re an advertising agency, what new creative or measurement tools are driving change – and do you have the team that can put them in play? Adding to your knowledge base might be critical to landing the contracts you have on your 2012 annual plan. Do an industry skills survey. Take a look at your team, and figure out where you’ve got gaps. Then fill those gaps with talented people.


Having the right people on your team is the surest path we know to the success and continued growth of your business. Keeping those talented troops up to speed on the latest skills is also a critical success factor.

If you need some talented folks, we have plenty of them – contact our staffing crew to talk about how you can get some top people for your team, either as employees or as contractors.

And if you want to keep your team’s skill-set sharp, we can help there, too – we’re an ADOBE™ Authorized Training Center, and we also offer courses in Titanium mobile application development, CSS/HTML/XHTML web design and development, social media, and more.

Here’s to a successful 2012 for your company!

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