Partner with a staffing agency with 28 years of experience in IT, creative design, finance, engineering and professional industries.

TECHEAD stands ready to partner with you to match talented professionals with your short and long-term workforce needs.

We Know and Value Our Clients

As an accomplished boutique staffing and recruiting firm located in the mid-Atlantic region, TECHEAD has both the aptitude and capacity to create personalized relationships with each of our clients. We believe the effort we put into understanding both your staffing needs and  your company’s unique culture, enables us to match the right candidate with the right skills the first time.

We Offer Creative Staffing Solutions For Any Size Business

We understand that “one size” does not fit all when it comes to partnering with our clients to  deliver on their staffing needs. We are positioned with the latest recruiting tools and technology to be a successful Tier 1 staffing agency to large Fortune 500 companies, but we are also committed to offering small to medium-sized businesses the opportunity to leverage our expansive network to find and attain top talent.

We Find and Deliver Amazing Talent

We take our role as staffing and recruiting consultants very seriously. Our teams are highly specialized across a variety of industries to understand what makes top candidates stand apart from the masses. We understand the demands of their prospective roles in real-world  environments, and we strive to ensure candidates we deliver are high-quality professionals and ready to meet the demands of their assignments. In cases where there is a need for uniquely-skilled candidates, we can furnish specialized training to qualify candidates for hard-to-fill positions.

Resources we provide staffing services include:

We Believe in Our People and Foster A Great Place to Work

Our mission is to ensure our contract employees and direct-hire placements flourish by placing them in the right environments so they can grow and prosper. We value the work-life balance, and strive to make the relationship between candidates and the client as successful as possible. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes health, dental, vision, long-term/short-term disability and 401(k). Our goal is to support and care for all TECHEAD employees — whether they work in our offices or yours.

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