Employee Benefits

As a TECHEAD employee, you may qualify for certain benefits. We have outlined current benefits below for you to review. These benefits may change without notice. If you have any questions about benefits, please call our office at (804) 782-6971 or toll free at 1-877-TECHEAD (1-877-832-4323).

Health and Dental Insurance

Full time employees working at least 30+ hours per week are eligible to participate in TECHEAD‘s group plan. Please contact our Payroll Administrator for details.

Disability and Life Insurance (10/01/09)

After one year of continuous employment with TECHEAD, you may be eligible to participate in our Long Term Disability and Life Insurance Plans. TECHEAD pays 100% of the premium for this coverage. Please contact Payroll Administration for details.

Referral Bonus

Employees who refer candidates to TECHEAD may be eligible for referral bonuses. Please contact your TECHEAD representative for details.

401(k) Plan

We are pleased to offer our employees the opportunity to participate in our 401(k) plan. Through salary deferrals, employees will be able to put aside a portion of their weekly paychecks into their 401(k) account. Participation is voluntary, and employees may enter the program during any of the four enrollment periods each year. Contractors must work 1,000 hours in a calendar year in order to participate. Please contact our Payroll Administrator for details.

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