Hiring Options

Whether your project lasts a few days, a few months, or indefinitely, TECHEAD has a flexible staffing option for your organization. We can help you get through a busy week or gear up for a successful long-term future.

Short-term Contract Resources

TECHEAD’s short-term contract option can provide the temporary help when you need to staff up for cyclical or seasonal busy times, and reduce your commitments when there is down-time. TECHEAD can deliver trained professionals with the expertise needed to get the job done quickly and effectively. Hiring short-term contract resources enables you to attain specialized resources for key projects without taking on the costs associated with recruiting and hiring permanent employees. And you can remain agile by renewing your contract with TECHEAD on an as-needed basis.

Contract-to-hire Candidates

TECHEAD’s contract-to-hire option, also known as a “short-term to permanent” position, allows you to bring pre-screened consultants on-board temporarily, with the option to hire them at the end of a trial period of a certain length. “Contract-to-hire” is the most popular staffing option. You can ensure that an employee is a good-fit with your company’s culture, test a candidate’s ability to do the job, and take additional time to decide if a permanent employee is right for your business. If you choose the contract-to-hire option, TECHEAD will work with you to create a plan that suits your situation and budget.

Direct-hire Employees

If your growing business requires additional permanent staff to enable it to meet its commitments and continue to prosper, the direct-hire option might be the right choice for you. With an extensive database of qualified individuals and the know-how to effectively screen and select applicants, TECHEAD quickly locates the candidates with the education, skills and experience you are looking to add to your organization. We save your business a lot of hassle, time and money by knowing where and how to look for talent.  We will sift through the hundreds of resumes an advertised position might generate, checking references, and pre-screening individuals interested in your advertised roles.

We will play as large or as small of a role in the hiring process as you choose. We bring you the accomplished applicants, but you are the boss. Our purpose is exceeding your expectations throughout every phase of the process.

Fulfilling Statement of Work (SOW) Contracts

Sometimes a business has an end result in mind, but doesn’t have either the in-house resources or the know-how to reach it. Business decision makers may not even understand what action they need to take or who they need to hire to reach a desired outcome. In these cases, TECHEAD can prepare a Statement of Work (SOW) that lays out the nuts-and-bolts of a project. The SOW considers your available resources, and covers all of the steps essential to obtain your desired outcome. To reach your goal, your business may need additional equipment or supplies, and it may also require the assistance of people with particular skills. The SOW includes all of these details, and also the costs involved. And if you choose, TECHEAD can completely execute the SOW and see your project through to its completion.

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