Referral Program

TECHEAD knows that our very best source of quality candidates and respected clients is through referrals.

Candidate Referral:

Do you have talented friends who are looking or may be interested in a new opportunity? Provide us with their name and contact information. When your friend completes their first month on TECHEAD’s payroll, you will earn $500!.

Client Referral

Know someone who has hiring needs? If you know of a company who would benefit from TECHEAD’s staffing services, provide us with the Hiring Manager’s name and contact info as well as project information. When a candidate has been placed you will earn $1,000!

Program Terms

*The candidate referred must work a minimum pay rate of $20/hour to be eligible for bonus.
*Candidate must not have been submitted to TECHEAD within the last 24 months or worked for TECHEAD within the last 12 months.
*Referrers employed by TECHEAD in the current calendar year will be paid through payroll as a W-2. If not, payout will be issued through accounts payable as a 1099 and will require W-9 Form.
*The project must be worth at least $7,500 in a one year period to qualify for referral bonus.
*Clients and family members of TECHEAD may be ineligible due to conflicts of interest.
*TECHEAD reserves the right to modify, cancel, or revoke this plan at anytime and subject to our sole discretion.

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