The Future of Recruiting (It’s already here!)[INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone has realized that LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that allows members to create business contacts, search for jobs, and find potential clients. Those interested in using LinkedIn to search for job opportunities are still running into problems, but for recruiters, LinkedIn has proven to be an important tool in the recruiting process. And this is just the beginning…

At Masters in Human Resources, they decided to do some research to delve into the many uses of LinkedIn and came up with some very interesting bits of information.  Be sure to check out the INFOGRAPHIC below for more useful pieces of information regarding Linkedin and Recruiting. 

  • 50.5%: The percentage of LinkedIn users who have complete profiles
  • 0-2 hours: The amount of time per week most users spend on LinkedIn
  • 48%: The percentage of recruiters that post jobs on LinkedIn and nowhere else on social media
  • 73% of recruiters filled a position using social media in 2012, an increase of15% from 2011
  • 89% of recruiters have filled a position using LinkedIn at some point in time
  • 97% of all HR and staffing professionals use LinkedIn in their recruiting efforts
  • 93% of recruiters using social platforms use LinkedIn
  • 187 million: The number of users on LinkedIn

We are big fans of Linkedin here at TECHEAD. Our recruiters utilize it to connect with potential candidates and clients to build personal relationships. This gives our team the ability to see how they present themselves informally before they get too deep in the recruiting process. They also post current job listings where candidates can apply directly to a position. Clients and candidates can then go to our company page and see all of the jobs we are currently seeking candidates for. If you haven’t already done so…Link in with us today!


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