The word for Spring is TEMP!

And we aren’t talking about the temperature outside! We are talking Temporary Help!

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No longer a four-letter word in some circles as both employees and employers start to notice the benefits of hiring temp or contract workers. The hiring process can be lengthy and painful.

Many companies are turning to staffing agencies, like TECHEAD, to help them find skilled professionals quickly with the long-term goals of avoiding hiring headaches and saving money. Most clients see value in partnering with a solid Staffing Agency and find that their Return on Investment from the partnership or “ROI” is measurable and worthwhile.


Staffing Agencies often have a large network of temporary workers that they to contact for employment. They do all of the work for you! They’ve built relationships with reliable and dependable workers that are willing to start ASAP, and are a “good fit” for the client company.


In September 2012, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employee benefits are more than 30 percent of an employer’s cost. By hiring contract workers, employers are not required to pay for benefits such as health care, retirement, Social Security etc. This saves time and money for the human resources department and the company gains a skilled expert at a notable discount.


Client companies can hire temporary workers for seasonal workloads or project based assignments. It’s also a great option for individuals who are between permanent positions and to fill noticeable gaps in employment histories. “Try before you buy” is standard policy with most Staffing Agencies, assuring a compatible match for both the worker and the client company. Without a doubt, pursuing contract work is a great strategy for both job-seekers and employers. Contact TECHEAD today to let us assist you with your Temporary, Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hire needs!

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