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From, Brands Urged to ‘Wake Up’ to Mobile Web

Brands have been urged to “wake up” and ensure their websites are mobile-ready or face losing billions in sales as new research finds consumer demand for mobile optimised sites is set to rocket next year.


From BusinessInsider.comSmart Phones Are Turning Everyone Into Veruca Salt

What the smart phone has done is create a massive shift in customer expectations. Literally every thing that can have a QR code on it or an NFC chip attached to it is a communications channel. With that sort of ubiquity, customers expect meaningful information, service, and content from brands. Call it the Veruca Salt Doctrine of the Modern Consumer: I want it, and I want it now.


From, Mobile Marketing: Creating Websites Optimized for Mobile Devices

Small screens increasingly equal big business. Many experts predict that mobile searches will overtake those undertaken on desktop PCs by 2015. In some parts of the world that tipping point has already been reached.


From, Engagement Key To Making Mobile Work

Online businesses face a serious challenge adjusting to an increasingly mobile world. Some, like Facebook, are dealing better with the “mobile problem” than others like Zynga. But few will be left unaffected by the mobile transformation underway. The key to surviving the upheaval is not to adopt a mobile-only strategy, but to extend existing business models to mobile to bridge the digital and physical worlds, according to a new Forrester report authored by analyst Thomas Husson.


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