This Week’s Stories: Predictions for 2013, Networking, Recruiting and more!

From, If You Want Your Brand To Resonate On LinkedIn, Hit The Right Emotional Cues

The Internet has transformed how people communicate, consume information, and build relationships. As a result, the way the world works is fundamentally changing. In a recent study by LinkedIn, with the help of TNS, found that marketing to emotion should play a bigger part in how brands pursue consumers on social networks.


From, Ten Gartner Predictions for 2013

The findings were presented at the recent Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, and cover a broad range of topics, from management policies to emerging user and enterprise trends to the latest in eye-opening innovations. IT leaders who stay on top or ahead of these developments will put themselves and their organizations in the best position to take advantage of these offerings.


From, What Every Agency Wants to Know—Feedback from the Other Side

We thought it would be insightful to get the perspective from someone who not only has been on both the agency and client side, but who knows the ins and outs of how we as an agency operate on a day-to-day basis. An insightful experience, indeed it was. I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite takeaways as they relate to both sales and account management.


From BusinessInsider.comHow to Network Your Way to a New Career

While a perfectly tailored resume is certainly beneficial — and can certainly get you far — networking is a tool that shouldn’t be overlooked in your career. Your resume might make it to an employer’s desk, but you are going to need something more than your competition. Whether you are looking for a job or are currently employed, it is important to make contacts. If you are applying for that dream job, and the decision is between you and an individual that has made contacts within the company, the final offer just might be extended to the candidate who took the opportunity to network, showing how much they are interested in the position and company.


From, Passive, Active… Pactive? Let’s Call the Whole Thing Recruiting

The honeymoon between hard up HR pros and recruiters and the formerly untouchable active candidates started all over again. After all, the newer recruiter points out, a candidate is active because they want to make a move, they need a new job and have the skills to do it. This makes them attractive to recruiters and hiring managers.


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