This Week’s Top Stories feature: Instagram, Local SEO, and Plans for 2013!

From, 3 Questions to Motivate Any Employee

With the holiday’s slowly approaching its very important that we keep our employees motivated. Here are three simple questions from to help figure out how to help each employee.


From, Social Signals, Quality Content, And Search Marketing will Merge in 2013

As social signals grow in their effects on search rankings for both Google and Bing, the ability to create amazing content and promote it on social media is quickly becoming the most important technique that internet marketers have in their arsenal. In 2013, it will likely eclipse link-building as a ranking factor. Click through for the three things you must understand to make it work for you today and to be ready for what lies ahead.


From Gigaom.comGet Ready for the Coming Employment Roller Coaster

One job for life hasn’t been true for a while, but in the tech space even expecting to have one skill-set for life may be asking too much. Jobs may last less than a decade before becoming obsolete. So how do we cope?


From, The Building Blocks Of Good Local SEO

For a local business owner, it’s helpful to understand the basics of good local SEO. If you tackle SEO yourself or engage someone to do it for you, knowing what’s critical and what’s not will save you time, money and effort.


From, 5 Tricks to Build Loyal Fans on Mobile

For most marketers, their target audiences tend to follow a traditional path from awareness to loyalist. But as mobile phone use rose, so did the empowered consumer who was willing to follow, unfollow, opt-in or opt-out, embrace, or delete you at a moment’s notice. So how can marketers create excitement, build loyalty, and capture the attention of fickle fans? It is not easy, but it can be done!


From, 5 Ways Instagram Can Boost Your Marketing Plan

What makes Instagram different from other social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter? It’s almost entirely photo-based and available only on Apple iOS and Android mobile phones and devices. Instagram has emerged as an effective marketing tool because companies can quickly build brand recognition and consumer loyalty through an ongoing stream of photos that help personalize their brand.

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