Training: It’s Not Just One & Done

If you’re in the workforce, training is a career-long mission. Imagine working on the same computer you were using in 2000, running either Windows 2000 or Mac OS 9.2.2. That doesn’t sound very productive from today’s perspective, does it? It’s the same thing for the computer between your ears. If you don’t upgrade that software frequently, you’re likely to wind up in the recycle bin (also known as the unemployment line).

training-knowledgeKeep your skills sharp, no matter where in the organization you sit

It’s vital to your career to keep your skills sharp, and to acquire new ones as your industry or job function changes. Make a point of adding continuing education to your annual calendar, and seek out online and in-classroom training that will put you at the leading edge of knowledge. If you’re a graphic designer, make sure you keep up with the latest in both print and web design. And don’t forget to add project management to your skill-set – take a course online or in person, and get a certification from PMI. It will add value to your salary or your hourly rate if you can both design and manage a complex project.

If you’re leading a business, as an owner or senior manager, continuing education can become the determining factor in your success. Understanding your marketplace, developing your personality as a leader, and creating a solid sales and marketing strategy are all required training subjects in the University of Your Business. It’s easy to get bogged down in administration, in daily operations, and in managing emergencies – what a business leader really needs to become an expert in, though, is not the close-up of daily details. A business leader must lead a team toward the wide-angle horizon. That takes knowledge and training.

Make your career or your company a culture of continuous learning

Whether you’re a workforce warrior or a C-suite commando, creating your own continuing education plan is a primary key to your success in business. In fact, top talent seeks out companies with a culture of continuous learning throughout the enterprise – which means that training helps both sides of that equation grow.

We encourage you to start drawing up your personal training calendar for 2012 – February is half-gone already, and it’s time to plan your skill-sharpening for yourself, and for your team. Of course, we’d be delighted to help with that in any way we can. Take a look at our calendar, we’re known for great training and have added some new topics to our list.

To your continued personal and professional growth!

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