Training: Yoga for Your Career

yoga-brainWith the coming of the New Year, we’re sure that many of you made some resolutions. It’s likely that more than a few of you made those resolutions around being getting in shape and living healthier. Here’s a question: what about some yoga for your career?

Training is yoga for your career, and your business.

When you entered the workforce, you proudly carried your college degree as proof that you’d learned what you needed to be an asset to your employer. You’d managed your schedule, you’d completed your projects, you’d learned the basic skills required in your industry, and were ready to get cracking.

That’s Child Pose.

Now you’re 5, 10, 15 years into your career, and it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t needed any additional education since you entered the job market. You’ve had to learn your industry’s version of Mountain Pose, Warrior Pose, Eagle Pose, and maybe even Crane Pose. In fact, we’re betting that you’ve discovered that there’s one thing (other than doing a terrific job) that’s critical to your continued employment: ongoing training and skill development.

This is particularly true if you work in a creative job like marketing, advertising, design, web development, or media. Technology – applications and hardware – changes at the speed of thought, which means that if you don’t keep your skills sharp, you risk never getting past Child Pose.

If you’re running a business, you need top talent to keep your revenue flowing: in technology, in marketing, in customer service, in project management. When you hire someone, you’re getting great raw material, but you have to help your new team member shape their talents and skills into the right poses to drive business growth.

You’ve got to train them.

Here’s our recommendation for your business (your career IS your business, isn’t it?) in 2012: start a yoga practice between your ears. What skills or skill-sets would make you more competitive? What’s driving innovation in your industry? How can you create some futurists from inside your existing team?

Build a training plan based on your 2012 growth strategy. Look for the right programs and instructors to transmit the knowledge you need. Provide time for your team to acquire and sharpen new skills. And keep that training plan active throughout the year.

If you’re looking for some help with building that training plan, we’d be happy to help you transition from Child Pose. Or teach you how to flow from Mountain, to Warrior, to Eagle, even to Crane. Take a look at our training calendar, or give us a call to talk about developing a custom training program for your team.


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