Adobe InDesign CS6: Advanced Design

A 2 day class for experienced designers that gives you the tools to simplify your workload and leverage advanced features to create and manage stellar print projects

TIME: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
PRICE: $495

Ready to move to the next level of InDesign? Start dazzling your clients with your pixel perfect control
over text and graphics? Reach end users no matter what device they use?

That’s what TECHEAD’s Advanced InDesign training class is all about. You’ve mastered the basics of layout and typography and now you’re ready to move on. Our instructor-led InDesign training class teaches you how to get the most out of the software, including the hidden tricks, tips and workarounds that only someone who uses it daily knows about. Working with the Conveyor tool to link objects and map styles, applying Liquid Layout rules and exporting to EPUB 2 and 3 using new controls will become second nature to you. Not only will your clients be impressed, but you’ll be amazed at the flexibility Adobe InDesign provides.

Class Prerequisites:

To ensure your success, we recommend you first take Introduction to InDesign CS6. InDesign is a must know software program for design firms, ad agencies, magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and freelance designers around the world!.

You’ll Be In Demand When You Learn Adobe InDesign CS6!

  • Speed Up Production: Improve productivity with time-savers such as the split window, Quick
    Apply, Content Collector tools, grayscale preview, easy access to recently used fonts, and more.
  • Create Powerful Page Layouts: Produce sophisticated layouts and adapt them to print, tablets
    and virtually any digital device.
  • Easily repurpose layouts to look great on a variety of page sizes and orientations.

Class Outline:

Lesson 1: Administering Advanced Styles

  • Manage Style Overrides
  • Base One Style on Another
  • Import and Redefine Styles

Lesson 2: Controlling Text

  • Create and Use Anchored Objects
  • Flow Text and Inline Graphics
  • Handle Text Layout
  • Merge Data

Lesson 3: Handling Page Elements and Graphics

  • Duplicate Items
  • Locate Assets Using Adobe Bridge
  • Place Items from Other Applications
  • Align, Size, and Transform Images
  • Manage Libraries

Lesson 4: Developing Bézier Paths

  • Draw and Edit Bézier Paths
  • Create Compound Paths
  • Create Clipping Paths
  • Create Type Outlines

Lesson 5: Managing Long Documents

  • Create Document Sections
  • Create a Table of Contents
  • Generate an Index
  • Insert and Format Footnotes
  • Add and Edit Hyperlinks
  • Create a Book

Lesson 6: Importing and Exporting Files

  • Import Layered Files
  • Export PDF Files

Lesson 7: Adjusting Print Settings

  • Create Print Presets
  • Preview Print Output

Lesson 8: Working with XML

  • Integrate XML into a Document
  • Import XML
  • Export XML
  • Integrate XML with Tables
  • Create and Use a Snippet

Your Place or Ours…

Not convenient to visit our Richmond training center? No problem… we’re flexible! Give us a call to discuss an on-site or custom training event for your team or business at 1-877-TECHEAD. We also offer hourly computer training consultation services to help you solve your specific design challenges or our Creative Solutions team can do your Adobe CS6 publication project for you.

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