Adobe InDesign® CS6: Basics

A 1 day crash course for graphics artists who wish to understand proper InDesign techniques or are moving from Quark

TIME: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
PRICE: $495

Are you making the move from Quark to Adobe InDesign? Are you familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, or other Adobe software? You might be happier with Techead’s 1 day InDesign class. This class goes over all the same material as the 2 day class, but at a faster pace for those already familiar with Adobe and/or desktop publishing. We get you in and out and up to speed in no time. If you think you need a slower paced class, check out our 2 day InDesign training, Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS6.

Explore more creative possibilities and experience new levels of productivity using Adobe® InDesign® CS6 page layout software. Built for demanding workflows, InDesign integrates smoothly with Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Acrobat®, InCopy®, and Dreamweaver® software; offers powerful features for creating richer, more complex documents; and reliably outputs pages to multiple media. With its sophisticated design features and enhanced productivity tools for streamlining repetitive tasks, InDesign CS6 lets you work faster and better than ever. In this course you will learn the basics of creating documents with InDesign.

Class Prerequisites:

In order to be successful with this course, a basic understanding of the operating system and of using applications in general is needed.

You’ll Be In Demand When You Learn Adobe InDesign CS6!

  • Learn what’s new. Find out more about Adaptive Design Tools — Alternate Layout, Liquid Layout, linked content, Content Collector tools — and other new features in CS6.
  • See what you’ve been missing. You’ll improve your efficiency and your layouts and adapt them to multiple page sizes, orientations, and devices — without sacrificing control over design and typography.
  • Accelerate your learning curve. Techead’s instructor led class will teach you the shortcuts, tips and tricks to CS6 that only someone who uses the software every day would know. You’ll be managing text, utilizing tables, managing transparency and creating Adobe Acrobat files in no time.

Class Outline

Lesson 1: Managing the InDesign Environment

  • Introduction to InDesign
  • Customize your Workspace
  • Set General Preferences
  • Manage Document Presets

Lesson 2: Designing Documents

  • Create a New Document
  • Alter a Document’s Layout
  • Create the Structure of a Document
  • Develop Master Pages
  • Manage Text and Graphic Placement
  • Develop Layers

Lesson 3: Managing Text

  • Add Text
  • Edit Text
  • Spell Check Text
  • Thread Text
  • Change Text Threads
  • Format Characters
  • Format Paragraphs
  • Manage Styles

Lesson 4: Utilizing Colors, Swatches, and Gradients

  • Utilize Color
  • Utilize Swatches
  • Apply Fills, Gradients, and Strokes

Lesson 5: Managing Transparency

  • Apply Transparency
  • Apply Transparency Flattener Presets

Lesson 6: Utilizing Tables

  • Create Table
  • Modify Table
  • Format Table

Lesson 7: Preparing for Handoff to a Service Provider

  • Check Documents for Problems
  • Print a Document
  • Package Files
  • Preview Output

Lesson 8: Creating Acrobat PDF Files

  • Prepare PDF Files for Web Distribution
  • Manage PDF Presets
  • Export PDF Files for Printing

Your Place or Ours…

Not convenient to visit our Richmond training center? No problem… we’re flexible! Give us a call to discuss an on-site or custom training event for your team or business at 1-877-TECHEAD. We also offer hourly computer training consultation services to help you solve your specific design challenges or our Creative Solutions team can do your Adobe InDesign project for you.

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