Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Training

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are an alternative to HTML styling tags such as the FONT tag, and much more. CSS style sheets allow designers to format and position elements on a page by assigning “rules” to HTML tags. This allows designers to separate the structure of the document from its style. And CSS goes far beyond what HTML is capable of. When browsers fully support CSS2, HTML tables and frames will be history.

CSS courses offered at TECHEAD:

Introduction to
Cascading Style Sheets

This course gives students hands-on practical examples in applying CSS to web pages and is designed for individuals with intermediate HTML authoring knowledge. Participants will be prepared to use cascading style sheets as templates, allowing efficient and effective design changes across many site pages at one time. Inline styles will also be covered which are necessary for many types of email and internet marketing strategies.

Cost:2 days / $1095 per student

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Class Dates:

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