HTML is the core syntax for putting information on the world wide web. If you wish to create or manage a website it is best to learn HTML/XHTML. Learning HTML is also beneficial for anyone who manages content on the Web using WYSIWYG editors within content management systems, hosted e-commerce platforms or blogs. To be able to make those inevitable tweaks needed to your HTML code will enable you to quickly get just the content layout or effect you desire.

HTML/XHTML courses offered at TECHEAD:

Introduction to HTML5/XHTML

This class is designed to provide a broad understanding of HTML5 and XHTML for anyone interested in creating or managing a website. Learn to create basic compliant web pages, build a basic navigation system, format pages with basic cascading style sheets, and work with tables and forms.

Cost:2 day / $1,495 per student

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Class Dates:

HTML5 and CSS3 for Web Designers

A one-day crash course for experienced web professionals ready for “what’s new” in mobile web, tablet and cross-browser compatible front-end development with HTML5 and CSS3.

Cost:1 day / $795 per student

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Class Dates:

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