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"I have worked with many recruiters in my 20+ career in marketing, however, I never felt this level of partnership.  As companies continue to move towards the paperless environment to onboard new candidates, the transition can oftentimes be painful or confusing.  This was certainly not the case with TECHEAD.  It was a seamless digital experience.  Fast. Easy. Effortless.  I love that!"

-Moises P., Sr. Direct Marketing Consultant

"The TECHEAD recruiter I worked with was super nice and extremely helpful. She was very interested in my progress and job situation. It was much more than just putting a "body in a seat", she took a personal interest in my employment before and during my contract. We still keep in touch, from time to time. We have developed a lasting relationship. I would highly recommend working for TECHEAD. I had a great experience."


"TECHEAD is a team of wonderful professional employees which makes it a nice company to work with.  The experience with TECHEAD was like no other."

-Sai P., Cloud Engineer

"I've worked with many staffing agencies and TECHEAD is head and shoulders above the rest. From my first contact with the recruiter to the present, I've felt appreciated and valued. At TECHEAD there's no ghosting or waiting for a call-back; the entire team is communicative and proactive. My recruiter, in particular, is an extraordinary recruiter as well as a human. She assessed my skill set, my passions, and my personality to help me land the exact position I wanted in a company/field in which I wanted to work. Everyone I've had contact with at TECHEAD is dedicated, friendly, and appears to love their job."


"TECHEAD is awesome because they understand and adhere to your needs. TECHEAD has done an excellent job helping me start my career and start my new life. Thanks for everything you have done for me."

-Chris, Junior Developer

"My experience with TECHEAD is a definite stand-out from the countless interactions I’ve had with recruiters. From initial contact to placement, the staff was consistently hands-on and professional. Specifically, they were proactive in providing updates on the interview process, setting expectations for the next steps, and timely in addressing questions related to on-boarding. In my opinion, they are “heads above the rest” at what they do and my career has definitely benefited from my encounter with them."


Words From Our Clients

"TECHEAD is more than a supplier of bodies – they are a partner and work very hard to ensure they place the right person with the right skills for each role."

-Michael R., Senior Manager of Project Management

"TECHEAD has been able to supply me with candidates that work within my budget while capturing nearly all technical requirements.  I know this isn't an easy task but they are up to the challenge and deliver stellar candidates each and every time.  I've enjoyed our partnership and have referred them to several others within my network."

-Joseph, Fortune 100 Retail Client

"TECHEAD immediately found the right person for the role we needed — saving us valuable time and allowing us to fully service our clients’ needs."

-Matt, Chief Creative Officer, Advertising Agency Client.

"TECHEAD was able to save us time sifting through hundreds of resumes, by bringing us well-qualified candidates who are thoroughly screened for experiences, skills, and abilities. They also were able to bring us the right candidate who fits in our company culture and is a great asset to our marketing team. Thank you TECHEAD!"

-Julie, Marketing Manager, Consumer Products Client

"Working with TECHEAD as a hiring manager for a partnering firm in the Richmond Area has been amazing. The talent pool and recommendations by recruiters for talent and job fit is spot on. Having worked with Techead through numerous companies, we have gotten employees both at a contractor basis and a direct-hire basis that have provided long term, very successful engagements. I would not work with any other agency in the Richmond Area, bar none the best talent and recruiters who care about the longevity of the client company relationships and the success of their candidate placement."

-Mark, Software Development Manager

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