What the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Hiring Trends in 2022

hiring trends

5 Things We Have Learned About Recruiting in an Uncertain World After nearly two years of a jobs market directed largely by the covid pandemic, until recently we were looking forward to some sort of normalization. However, with the new omicron variant, the world appears to have once more been turned on its head. How…

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How to Find Your Perfect Job in 2022

perfect job

Why You Should Work With a Recruiter Despite the ‘Great Resignation’ prompted by the pandemic, and a record number of jobs advertised in the fourth quarter of 2021, it is still a challenging market for jobseekers. This is especially so in creative, technical, and digital fields. If you’re reading this article, you are considering using…

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TECHEAD Spotlight – Marcie Bombelyn

Marcie Bombelyn Sr. Recruiter for TECHEAD Marcie Bombelyn is a Sr. Recruiter for TECHEAD, where she is experienced in recruiting for professional, federal and IT positions.   How long have you worked at TECHEAD? I joined TECHEAD in November.   What led you to work at TECHEAD? I have followed TECHEAD for years and trusted…

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How to Stay Positive at Work in the Tech Industry

tech industry

The Importance of Maintaining a Positive Attitude in the Workplace Feeling negative at work can often be blamed on – well, work. But really, our own positivity starts from within. A positive attitude can have a colossal impact on many areas of your life, both personally and professionally. But the turbulence caused by a rapid…

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Networking 101: How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job at a Company You Like

how to use linkedin to get a job

Using LinkedIn Can Help You Find a New Job In this article, we examine how to use LinkedIn to get a job. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for professionals, working in two ways for active and passive jobseekers. First, by matching your LinkedIn profile to your resume, and keeping it updated, you make it possible…

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Your Creative Job for Today: Ensure Your LinkedIn Profile Matches Your Resume

linkedin profile

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Is Important and What to Update Have you ever wondered why some professionals in your creative jobs are courted daily by recruiters, yet you never get the call? The answer is social media. More specifically, your LinkedIn profile. Why? Because more than 70% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for talent.…

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What Soft Skills Should Your Next Software Developer Possess?

software developer

Technical Prowess Alone Does Not Produce a Successful Software Developer Generally speaking, software developers are responsible for the development and testing of software. They must also interact with their team in a meaningful way. The job is not all about technical prowess, but requires a range of soft skills that help build strong working relationships…

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Marketing Positions: The 10 Steps of a Successful Job Search Strategy

marketing positions

How to Market Yourself for a Career in Marketing Job hunting is not easy for those seeking marketing positions. It can be time-consuming and stressful. To be successful, you must take a structured approach. You need a strategy. A process that will help you to remain focused and land jobs that act as steppingstones on…

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Are You Overpaying for Talented Creative Staff?

creative staffing

Hiring 101: Never Overpay for Creative Staffing Companies are in need of more creative input to keep up with the fast pace of change in marketing and sales. Consequently, hiring managers often make financial offers that they believe ‘can’t be refused’ to ensure the offer is accepted. This strategy not only leads to overpaying for…

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