What Has the Pandemic Taught Us About Staffing in Technology and Creative Jobs?

technical jobs

7 Lessons to Help Businesses Hire More Effectively in the ‘New Normal’ As the pandemic crisis recedes, many businesses are struggling to hire and retain talented employees for technical jobs and creative roles. At least in part, this is because the disparities between what is important to employees and what employers offer have had the…

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Why You Must Move Faster to Hire Talent into Creative Jobs

creative jobs

Is Your Hiring Process Sending Talent to Your Competitors? Are you finding it challenging to hire for your creative jobs? Do you miss out on the best candidates? It’s tougher to hire the talent you need today. The skills shortage is the highest it has been for a decade, with 69% of employers struggling to…

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TECHEAD Spotlight – Lucca Giannini

Lucca Giannini Recruiter for TECHEAD Lucca Giannini is a recruiter for TECHEAD. How long have you worked at TECHEAD?  I’ve worked at TECHEAD for a total of 2 weeks. What led you to work at TECHEAD? As I was seeking a career shift, I got the opportunity to speak with Aaron Snead. I immediately knew…

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How to Answer Difficult Interview Questions to Land Your Ideal Job

interview questions

Get Into the Right Mindset to Ace Any Interview Do you have a tough time answering difficult interview questions? Are interview nerves stopping you from finding your perfect job in 2022? Have you ever watched a quiz show on television, and found yourself shouting the answer at the screen? How does the contestant not know…

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TECHEAD Spotlight – Katy Martin

Katy Martin Federal Recruiter for TECHEAD Katy Martin is a Federal Recruiter at TECHEAD, where she is responsible for finding top tier cleared candidates for TECHEAD Federal clients. How long have you worked at TECHEAD?  My first day was February 15, 2022 What led you to work at TECHEAD? I saw Katie Seidman’s post on…

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TECHEAD Spotlight – Desmond Douglas

Desmond Douglas Recruiter for TECHEAD Desmond Douglas is a Recruiter for TECHEAD, where he is responsible for finding great candidates for IT roles in Virginia and surrounding areas. How long have you worked at TECHEAD?  I have been here for one amazing month and looking forward to the future here. What led you to work…

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Top 5 Things to Check Before You Send Your Resume Out


Resume Writing Tips to Make Yourself the Standout Candidate A resume is the first impression that a company will get of you. It’s what the recruiter sees before they talk to you. It’s a document that summarizes your work experience and education, and it’s also your ticket to getting an interview. But a poor resume…

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What Will Creative Industry Jobs Look Like in the New Normal?

creative industry jobs

The Pandemic Accelerated Change. What Should We Expect Now? When the Covid pandemic hit, the effect on the creative industry jobs was pivotal. Creative firms had to adapt immediately, and on a huge scale. In-person collaboration to discuss strategy, present on ideas, and brainstorm next steps had been considered irreplaceable. Suddenly all these ways of…

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TECHEAD Spotlight – Dianna Wright


Dianna Wright Account Manager for TECHEAD Dianna Wright is an Account Manager for TECHEAD, servicing large and small local clients in the Richmond area.  How long have you worked at TECHEAD? I have worked at Techead since June of 2021 and have enjoyed every moment. What led you to work at TECHEAD? I have always…

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