Networking 101: How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job at a Company You Like

Using LinkedIn Can Help You Find a New Job

In this article, we examine how to use LinkedIn to get a job.

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for professionals, working in two ways for active and passive jobseekers.

First, by matching your LinkedIn profile to your resume, and keeping it updated, you make it possible for recruiters to find you (which we covered in a recent article, Your Creative Job for Today: Ensure Your LinkedIn Profile Matches Your Resume’).

Second, by using the social media platform to grow your professional network of people who work for the companies you are interested in joining.

How to Find People in Companies You Like on LinkedIn

There are several ways that you can connect with professionals in your industry on LinkedIn.

If you know their name, you can enter this as a search term in the search bar at the top of the LinkedIn page. You will be presented with a list of people with the same name as the person you are searching for – and select the person you want from this list.

You can also enter keywords into the search bar to search for people you don’t know, but who could be useful additions to your professional network. For example, you might enter ‘creative director’, ‘New York’. For a search targeted at professionals in a company you would like to work for, enter job titles, or skills, and the company name. Now you’ll have a list of people with whom you can connect.

Personalize Your Approach

Now it’s time to navigate to the profile of the LinkedIn member you want to connect with, click the connect button, and add a personalized message. Then hit send. What should you include in your message? Here are a few pointers:

  • Introduce yourself, describing who you are and what you do
  • Say how you found them
  • Create a common ground
  • Explain why you wish to connect

Remember, a compelling message will encourage a positive response.

Cement the Connection over a Coffee

What better way to get to know someone a little better, and learn more about the company they work for, than over a coffee? Take the first step, and ask to meet. Be sure to say why, though – don’t spring a surprise on a new connection.

Join Meetup Groups

There are hundreds of Meetup groups connected on LinkedIn, many catering for creative and technical professionals. And many hiring managers attend meetups, too.

To find those that are relevant to you, type in ‘meetup’ in the LinkedIn search bar, and begin your search.

When you find a group relevant to you, go to a meeting! Be prepared to get involved. Take your business cards to exchange with your new connections. Talk about current trends, the work you do, and what others do. Be interested in the people you meet, and be patient. It takes time and effort to develop relationships.

Join Professional Organizations

In addition to your networking efforts on LinkedIn and Meetups, you should also join your professional association, such as RVA Tech, the American Marketing Association (AMA), or Creative Mornings to connect with more people in your field.

Networking On LinkedIn with People at Companies You Like

Due to the ease of access and high number of connections, LinkedIn has become the most common social media platform for job seekers and employers to find each other. Put into practice the tactics we have shared in this article, and you’ll improve the strength and depth of your professional network – and that’s invaluable when you want to change jobs and progress your career.

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