TECHEAD Spotlight – Kim Oliver

Kim Oliver

Senior Recruiter, TECHEAD 

Kim Oliver is a Senior Recruiter at TECHEAD, where she is responsible for finding the best candidates for creative and IT positions.


How long have you worked at TECHEAD and what do you like most about working here? 

I’ve worked at TECHEAD for 9 years.  I’m passionate about helping clients find the best employee for their roles.  TECHEAD’s staffing environment is unusual, as it’s a highly collaborative team and supportive agency which is not usually the case.


What led you to work at TECHEAD?

At the beginning of my career, I was recruiting in Human Resources for hospitals for 10 years and enjoyed working in healthcare.  I took a break to raise my 2 children and volunteered in their schools.  I met Phil Conein at a LinkedIn Live Happy Hour event.  Phil and I hit it off right away; he invited me to meet the team and the rest is history.


Tell us how TECHEAD is adapting [to Covid-19 rules, etc.] and what your biggest challenges are right now. Any surprise positives that have happened, as a result of adapting to the changes?

I’m more productive working from home now and can organize my day accordingly without interruptions.  TECHEAD has been very supportive throughout the pandemic and we have on-line gatherings to keep in touch.  I will be happy after COVID restrictions are lifted to meet my candidates for coffee again and see my contractors.


Tell us about your home workplace set up.

My “home office” is in my Dining Room. I have a nice big window so there is lots of natural light.  Sometimes I hear the birds out on the fence. It’s peaceful.


What is keeping you productive and innovative in your remote work-from-home life right now?

Since it’s quiet, that helps me with creative problem-solving and productivity as I don’t have interruptions.  I love meeting new people and helping them move into their “dream job.”


What advice would you give to anyone looking for a job right now?  

Tailor your resume to the job, keep learning and taking online classes.  Networking is key in the job search, using LinkedIn and networking with friends.


What advice would you give to an employer trying to navigate the hiring process in 2021?   

Employers need to review their job descriptions and have realistic expectations.  Most candidates today have gaps in their resume especially now with COVID be open to reviewing these candidates.


During the pandemic, did you pick up any new hobbies or pastimes?   

I have been walking more around Richmond’s Museum District, about 12-15 miles weekly. I’ve also been riding my bike 2 days a week too. I really enjoy riding on the Virginia Capital Trail.  Cycling is very relaxing to me.  I’m also a big foodie and enjoy the many restaurant options in Richmond.


Any “dream” travel you’re planning – or want to plan – once the pandemic is over.

My plans are to travel to Chicago (my hometown) and Maine to visit family.  One day I would love to travel to Italy that is my dream trip.


Share a good book you’ve read recently

I read “Just As I Am” by Cicely Tyson.  Her life truly reflects how hard work and perseverance pays off.  I’m impressed by her many accomplishments despite uphill battles she broke thru the glass ceiling for African-American women.

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