TECHEAD Spotlight – Nate Winters

At TECHEAD we have built our organization on recruiting the right people for our clients and cultivating strong relationships. We bring that same conviction when hiring our own employees and preserving those connections. To showcase the incredible talent of our team, we want to shine a spotlight on individual employees each month. This month, our Employee Spotlight is on TECHEAD Recruiter, Nate Winters.

Nate earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), with a concentration in marketing, from Pennsylvania State University – Penn State Berks. In June 2022, Nate joined the team at TECHEAD as a recruiter. As an effective team player, Nate is proficient at managing resources, resolving coordination issues and sustaining relationships with colleagues and clients.

Nate lives near Smith Mountain Lake with his wife Mary, his sons Nixon and Nate and his mother-in-law Pat. In his spare time, he enjoys running, snow skiing, water sports and any outdoor activities (Smith Mountain Lake is the perfect place for all things outdoors).

We asked Nate a few questions about himself to get to know him better:

·       Favorite movie? Forrest Gump, Top Gun and Sweet Home Alabama

·       Favorite food and drink? Diet Coke and Sushi

·       Favorite place to eat/drink around Smith Mountain Lake? Jakes Place, Cancun and Vinny’s

·       Favorite cartoon character? Scrooge Mc Duck

·       Do you have any pets? Our 15-year-old dog, Pookie

·       What do you want written on your tombstone? Loved life and family

·       Where is the coolest place you’ve ever visited? Europe

·       What cities have you lived in? Just small towns in Oregon, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Florida and Virginia.

·       What are three items still left on your bucket list? Travel to Japan and/or Dubai, attend a Formula One race and snow ski in the Alps.

·       Do you have any heroes? My Dad

·       What is one thing that not many people know about you? I have 30 inches of scars

Check back next month as we spotlight another dedicated TECHEAD team member.

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