TECHEAD expands into the Cyber Security Workforce Space

RICHMOND, Virginia, October 5, 2018 –  (PRNewswire)  — Most companies have some flexibility for Military Reservists who are required to spend weekends with their units. If the company is not large enough to have a flexible workforce schedule, it can becomes a productivity issue.  The company may find itself assigning the Reservist short-term projects to make up the continuous disruption in their workflow.

That doesn’t stop one company based in Richmond, Virginia from hiring Reservists. “We love Reservists who are in the network communication field.  They have the skills, certifications, and clearances we are looking for. They’re perfect for NGEN or other Federal Contracts”, said Phil Conein, President of Techead. “Not only will the Reservist get a better experience from working on one of the largest  enterprise networks in the World, but they will also get to earn a competitive salary, fit in a culture they’re familiar with and have an incredible experience to put on their resume to enhance next steps in their career path”.

Phil Conein, as President and ITPSO of TECHEAD is leading a new initiative called TECHEAD FEDERAL. TECHEAD is celebrating its 30 year anniversary of business in 2018. They are a Richmond, Virginia headquartered Staffing company that provides skilled digital and technical talent to Commercial and Federal clients around the country.  In 2014, TECHEAD was approached by the multinational telecommunications giant AT&T to be a subcontractor on the Next Generation Enterprise (NGEN) contract for the Navy.  Reservists have become a good source of talent for this project.

Conein further stated, “Out of 100 resumes I see, 20% are fake. Maybe 80% do not have the qualifications or certifications that I am looking for, and 95% do not have the clearances needed.  The clearance and the certifications are the key pieces for a hire on the NGEN contract.  You either have them or you don’t, and if you don’t we can’t green light the individual to get on base to perform the work.”

CompTIA certifications are the gold standard of classification for IAT (Information Assurance Training) levels. Not only does it make it easier to qualify the skill level skill of a candidate, it verifies the credibility of the skills of the Men and Women coming out of the Armed Forces, enabling them get well paid IT jobs in the civilian world.

Retired Lt Col. James Dyke added, “The US Government made a fundamental change 10 years ago in how they train their workforce. Our images of US Armed Forces are men and women in action inside ships, tanks, trucks, beach landings, jumping out of airplanes and so on. The reality is, the Armed Forces rely on technology for deployment, logistics, and communications. Because of base rotations or deployments, The US Government needs a reliable workforce of cleared, certified civilians and contractors to be the conduit of consistency for keeping large enterprise telecommunication Networks up and running.”

For more information on Techead’s Cyber Security initiative, please visit www.techead.com