8 Reasons Your Social Media Sinks Applications for Marketing Jobs

How Your Online Presence Could Help or Hinder Your Career Prospects

You’re applying for marketing jobs, but you aren’t being invited to interview. Which you find strange. Your resume is in order, and you personalize for each application. You have the right mix of skills and experience. You’re baffled. Could it be your social media accounts that are ruining your job search?

According to CareerBuilder, the majority (70%) of employers go digging through social media platforms to discover more about a candidate. Nearly just as many (57%) discover content that brings a candidate’s application to a grinding halt. It’s clear your social media can have a huge impact on how successful your marketing jobs search is.

Here we discuss how to detox your social media to help ensure your application gets past an employer’s screening process.

8 Tactics to Detox Social Media Profiles Before Your Job Search

Don’t be fooled into thinking that deleting your social media presence will eliminate any risk to your applications for marketing jobs. Ghosting social media can in fact greatly hinder your job search. After all, if you’re in marketing, you should be able to market yourself.

Take these steps to make sure your online presence will help employers choose you over competitors.

#1: Remove Questionable Content

How you behave in your personal life will affect how professional connections will perceive you. Therefore, employers will look for red flags in your online behavior, such as:

  • Misuse of alcohol/drugs
  • Provocative behavior
  • Inappropriate content
  • Discrimination
  • Criminal behavior
  • Unprofessional screen name
  • Overly frequent posting
  • Sharing confidential or negative information regarding current or previous employers
  • Qualification discrepancies
  • Highly negative persona

What you post can have long-lasting negative effects to your career. Rid yourself of damaging online activity, and always think before posting.

#2: Search Yourself

Most employers will run your name through a search engine. It can churn up all kinds of transgressions , so search yourself and check there are no negative posts or content that you’re linked to.

You may discover that there are hits on profiles with the same name that could harm your job applications. Consider adding your middle initial on your resume and optimized platforms so recruiters search the right profile.

#3: Deactivate Old Accounts

Running yourself through a search engine may also unveil some old accounts you’d forgotten about that no longer represent your professional brand. That old MySpace account you created in your teens could host a catalog of sins that appear harmless, but will throw up a questionable username or photo straight onto your dream employer’s desk.

If you don’t use it, it’s time to say goodbye to make way for your future.

#4: Renew Your Photo

Hey, we’re not here to be judged by looks. But if you’re looking to land the best in marketing jobs, a selfie from a bachelor party should be replaced with an image of a smart, presentable, and approachable individual.

You’re right, such an image with friends doesn’t mean you’re not highly skilled. But if an employer can’t decide between you and your competitor at the final stages, this one photo could make all the difference.

#5: Refresh Your Network

It’s time to give your follows and followers an overhaul. Disconnect with those who don’t positively impact you personally and/or professionally.

Connect with those who will enhance your marketing industry knowledge and potentially create opportunities for your future. If they inspire and educate you, they’re keepers.

#6: Be an Employee Advocate

Sharing positive content about your current employer can advance your career. Hiring companies prefer candidates who speak positively of their past and current employers.

You may be looking for career progression elsewhere, but continue to represent your company in a good light and you’ll emerge shining.

#7: Update Your LinkedIn Profile in Line with Your Resume

Employers will compare your LinkedIn profile with your claims of education, qualifications, and employment on your resume. Make sure they match.

LinkedIn is an incredible platform to showcase your professional achievements, but you must invest time to ensure it is up to date. Check your skills, avoid buzzwords, and obtain endorsements to enhance your credibility.

#8: Obtain the View of a Professional

Asking a professional to review how you present on social media could reveal issues before employers see them.

Get in touch with a specialist staffing agency that offers such a service. They’ll know exactly what employers for marketing jobs will be looking for and where, helping you become more attractive against other candidates.

Is Your Social Media Ready for Marketing Jobs Applications?

When you apply for marketing jobs, it is almost certain that potential employers will search your social media. A fantastic personal brand could be the deciding factor that encourages a hiring company to choose you over other candidates.

If you can market yourself with flying colors, you’re already showcasing your prowess for marketing jobs.

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