How Not to Turn Up for a Virtual Interview for Creative Jobs

The Don’ts, the Dos, and the How-Tos

You’re searching for creative jobs, and followed all our tips to find the right job for your career. But when you’re invited to interview virtually, you feel apprehensive.

You have questions about how to present yourself virtually. Feeling nervous and unsure can dampen your ability to showcase your creative flair. The Future of Work Survey by Cielo discovered that 82% of hiring managers will continue to interview candidates virtually after the pandemic – it’s worth you getting comfortable with the dos and don’ts. Here, we show you how.

Dressing Inappropriately

You may be used to quite a casual attire in your creative career. But what about in an interview? You’re worried you’ll look out of place if you present yourself too smartly, especially when it’s not in person.

The answer is to err on the side of formality. This isn’t a regular day in the office. A virtual interview is still an interview, no matter where you are. Show hiring managers you mean business and have respect for the position. Prepare in advance a smart appearance, with perhaps a creative gesture in your tie or hair piece.

Avoid shiny accessories that may cause lighting issues on-screen.

Having an Inappropriate Username

If you read our article on resume tips for creative jobs, you’ll know you’re lucky to have got through to interview stage with an overly-creative username or email address. The hiring manager may not have the same sense of humor. Even if you’re a standout interviewee, don’t jeopardize your career – the interviewers may be left to choose between yourself and another standout candidate with more professional contact details.

‘Turning Up’ Late

Your virtual interview is at 10:00. Sign onto the invite at 09:50. Would you walk into a location on the dot for an interview? No. The same applies virtually – be checked in early. To ensure this happens, prepare everything in advance, including:

  • Your tech – make sure audio, camera, and mic are all operating
  • Your signal strength is optimized
  • You’re familiar with the platform

Get interview space set up 30 minutes prior, with a glass of water and notepad to hand.

Feeling Awkward

The greetings and farewells are different virtually, especially if you’re not used to them. Practice with a friend, and you’ll discover you’ll want a couple of phrases in your back pocket. A key point here is to do your research on the company – you could start a conversation on a new endeavor of theirs that you’re interested in. Or a personal achievement of the hiring manager’s that was recently celebrated by the company.

The hiring manager will close the interview, but ensure you feel comfortable asking about next steps, and signing off.

Expressing Negative Body Language

How you communicate non-verbally is important. Interviews help hiring managers discover who you are as an individual, and your body language speaks many words. Make sure you:

  • Aren’t slouching – an unprofessional and inattentive stance
  • Are smiling – they want someone who gels with their team
  • Maintain eye contact – look into the camera lens when you’re talking, and at the interviewer on screen when listening
  • Don’t fidget too much – a tricky one for some, so just ensure it’s not distracting

Your job is to be expressive in what you do – and positive body language can help you get this across.

Bonus tip: Make sure your backdrop is clean and tidy, with any questionable items removed.

Allowing Unnecessary Disturbances

Interviewing from home, disturbances can occur. Try to eliminate them in advance by asking not to be disturbed by fellow residents, leaving a note for delivery drivers, and switching off devices and browsers. Entertaining them is unacceptable.

Some disturbances are unavoidable. If they occur, deal with them professionally and calmly, showcasing your problem-solving abilities.

Be Yourself for Creative Jobs

Finding the right creative jobs for you means landing a role with an organization you connect with. That means being yourself, showcasing your best traits, and ensuring you follow these tips to avoid losing out on exceptional creative jobs.

Better still, submit your resume to TECHEAD. We want to find out who you are as an individual. We then line you up for interviews with companies we know you’ll gel well with – not only to land your dream creative job, but to thrive within for the long-term too. Let’s go – submit your resume today.

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