How to Develop Your Hiring Process for DevOps Jobs

Fill DevOps Jobs with a Winning Hiring Strategy

Hiring for DevOps jobs is more than just filling a staffing void. You don’t want to risk the damaging consequences of hiring the wrong person.

A poor hiring process can cost your company thousands, if not more every year. A Harvard Business Review article reveals that as much as 80% of employer turnover stems from bad hiring decisions.

With a skills shortage leaving 69% of U.S. companies struggling to fill tech vacancies, you must develop a hiring process that ensures you attract, hire, and onboard the best DevOps candidates for your company to thrive.

Define Hiring Needs

Define what your hiring needs are, and what you want to achieve. For example:

  • Increase headcount, and for how long (long term, or for a short-term project/demand influx?)
  • Improve diversity
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce cost to hire
  • Streamline process
  • Improve staff retention
  • Strengthen talent pipeline

Think about your tech team’s goals, tech trends that shape the DevOps role, and who you need on board.

Forecast the Future

Don’t rush to fill DevOps jobs at the last minute. Plan for your needs. Consider:

  • Client demand
  • Upcoming projects or predicted spikes
  • Current DevOps promotions
  • Potential attrition
  • Business growth plans
  • Skills gaps
  • Lack of diversity

Forecasting for the future will help you invest in attracting and nurturing the DevOps engineers you’ll need before you need them, preventing costly voids.

Review the DevOps Job Description

Review and update your job description on a regular basis, and make sure potential applicants know exactly what is expected of them, to avoid a costly, poor hire. Clarify:

  • Critical skills
  • Desirable skills
  • Soft skills
  • Your winning employer brand and culture. In other words,why they should choose you.

Create an effective job description to eliminate unqualified applicants and attract the most talented to you.

Run a Salary and Perks Assessment

Is the salary you’re offering in line with your competitors? When defining your job description, ensure that your salary is commensurate with the skills and attributes you need.

Perks such as flexibility, wellbeing support, paid training, and health benefits could very well be a deciding factor for the most skilled DevOps engineers, who will view perks offered as an insight into how you care for your staff.

Choose the Right Hiring Channels

Where you search for talent and where you advertise can make all the difference to an effective hiring process. Avoid regular jobs boards and keep the floodgates of under-qualified applicants closed. Avoid quantity. Focus on quality. Consider:

Not all the best DevOps engineers are actively seeking new positions. Investing time and resources or partnering with a specialist staffing agency will help you seek the skills you need for your DevOps jobs, without taking a hit from hundreds of time-consuming, unqualified candidates.

Sharpen Your Selection Process

Streamlining your hiring process will keep your most skilled DevOps candidates engaged and ensure you hire the best candidates before your competitors do. Implement:

  • A team of dedicated hiring staff to oversee a time-defined process from start to finish
  • Scorecards – agreed and fair criteria to assess all candidates
  • Automation, or manpower, to cope with time-consuming tasks such as resume reviews and interview scheduling
  • Candidate communication – without this, you may lose your best candidate

Your business must have set procedures for all processes involved in hiring to ensure speed and effectiveness come into play immediately.

Refine the Onboarding Process

Don’t stop at a signature. The work is not yet done to ensure you fill your DevOps jobs with the best. How effective your onboarding is can determine the future of your newly hired DevOps engineer. Whether they’re with you for the long term, or to support a short-term project, make sure you prepare your new staff to put their best foot forward.

The most successful companies understand onboarding can lead to 50% greater productivity, and a better employer reputation.

Partner with a Specialist Staffing Agency

Partnering with a specialist staffing agency helps you achieve all the benefits a high-end hiring process should provide:

  • Saves time
  • Exercises hiring budget cost-effectively
  • Helps you make better hiring decisions
  • Ensures your hiring objectives are aligned with company objectives
  • Refines efforts on building a talent pipeline
  • Prepares for the future
  • Maximizes your company’s team with the best skillsets and for the right duration

Better still, a specialist staffing agency provides your company with the dedicated manpower to plan and execute your hiring process and hire the most talented candidates to attain your business objectives.

DevOps Jobs Solutions – Today and for the Future

The effectiveness of your hiring process rests heavily on the manpower you dedicate to a perfectly executed strategy. Here at TECHEAD, we provide a powerful and proven process to detect and nurture the best people for your technical team.

We’re here to help you plan for your future, and provide critical staffing solutions today, no matter your hiring needs. Contact TECHEAD today and we’ll talk you through our revolutionary hiring process for your unique business needs.

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