TECHEAD Employee Spotlight – Mike Girardi

At TECHEAD we have built our organization on recruiting the right people for our clients and cultivating strong relationships. We bring that same conviction when hiring our own employees and preserving those connections. To showcase the incredible talent of our team, we want to shine a spotlight on individual employees each month. This month, our Employee Spotlight is on TECHEAD Federal Recruiter, Mike Girardi.

Mike joined the team at TECHEAD in April of 2023 as a federal recruiter. He lives in Charlotte, NC with two roommates he attended college with and is a huge Boston sports fan. We asked Mike a few questions to get to know him better:

  • What is your favorite part of working at TECHEAD? The people are my favorite part, everyone has been very helpful and welcoming.
  • What are you most proud of in your career so far? I’m proud of the opportunity I had to work on the account manager side of things with the largest client in Charlotte for three months. I was able to make more than five placements in very difficult skillsets.
  • How would you describe your company culture? TECHEAD is a cohesive team that genuinely roots for one another to succeed.
  • What piece of advice would you give to your younger self? Everything happens for a reason.
  • What do you think makes our team culture unique? The team is very tight knit; anyone will drop everything to help.
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Teleportation for sure! I think about this almost daily. Just think about how you could go to Italy during your lunch break and be back at your desk in half an hour.
  • What do you enjoy most about working at TECHEAD? The people! Everyone I work with is warm and supportive and always willing to lend a hand.
  • What is one thing that you wish people knew about your job? I wish people knew about all the things that go on behind the scenes in recruiting. There are so many moving parts and things that can go wrong.
  • What hobbies do you have? I love to watch and play sports – football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, really any sport!
  • Is there one TV show you never miss? It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • What is your favorite movie? I have so many – Step Brothers, Avengers End Game, Good Will Hunting, and Interstellar – just to name a few.
  • What’s your favorite food and drink? My grandma’s baked stuffed lobster and a Miami Vice.
  • Favorite place to eat/drink around town? Seoul Food for the wings and Trio for the drinks.
  • What’s the last song you listened to? Burn it down – Parker McCollum
  • Favorite cartoon character? Squidward or Eric Cartman
  • Favorite sports team? All Boston sports. I am a huge Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics fan. My dad has been taking me to Patriots games for as long as I can remember.
  • Do you own any pets? I have a Golden Retriever that turned one in May. His name is Rigatoni, but he goes by Tony.
  • Where is the coolest place you’ve ever visited? I haven’t really been anywhere that crazy, but I would go back to Miami any time – I love it there.
  • What cities have you lived in? I have lived in Worcester MA, Columbia, SC, and Charlotte, NC
  • What are three items still left on your bucket list? I would like to visit the town in Italy where my grandfather was born, move to Florida, and buy real estate.
  • Do you know any other languages?  If so, what are they?  I have a basic understanding of Italian, Spanish, and French.
  • Do you have any heroes (sports, business, etc.)? My dad and Tom Brady.
  • If you could splurge on one must-have item, what would it be? Wi-Fi. I need good Wi-Fi.
  • When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?  An NFL player or NFL General Manager.
  • What’s one thing people don’t know about you that they would be surprised to find out? I’m pretty spontaneous. I moved to South Carolina after only a short visit and without knowing anyone there. I then moved to North Carolina without ever seeing Charlotte in person.


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