Technology Trends That Will Shape Your Recruitment Drive in 2023

What Technology Jobs Will Be in Highest Demand?

Technology trends are changing the way we work and live. They are also shaping how we recruit and who we must recruit into technology jobs faster than ever. Because of this, businesses are faced with a challenging conundrum. You must recruit effectively to remain competitive in your industry. This necessarily means making some calls about how evolving technology trends will affect your industry over the coming year.

In this article, we outline seven emerging technology trends. The first four of these are those that are most likely to affect how your business operates and the type of tech roles that will be in increasing demand. The final three are HR-related tech trends that are likely to affect how businesses recruit talent.

Tech Trend #1: AI as a Tool to Accelerate Innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a recent technology, but it is making a bigger impact on how we live, work, and play. Applications that already exist in wide use include speech recognition, smartphone apps, navigational equipment, and more.

It’s probable that businesses of all types will increase their use of AI to enable better decisions informed by big data and actual outcomes, and enhanced by machine learning. While AI is likely to eliminate many jobs (Forrester predicts Robots and AI will replace 7% of U.S. jobs by 2025), it will also create more jobs that will include:

  • AI engineers
  • Machine learning engineers
  • AI architects

Tech Trend #2: The Metaverse – Merging the Real World with the Digital World

The metaverse may be in its infancy, but the combination of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (ER) cannot be ignored. As this technology is more readily accepted, its use will extend beyond gaming, to include training, ‘real-life’ simulations, client walk-throughs, and prototype design. It will deliver advances in healthcare, entertainment, education, marketing, and more. Jobs that are likely to be in high demand as the metaverse rolls into the mainstream include:

  • IT infrastructure architects
  • Software designers, programmers, and coders
  • Cybersecurity specialists

Tech Trend #3: Datafication ─ Embedding Data and Analytics into Processes

Big data is used extensively to help businesses make more accurate predictions and better business decisions. Datafication allows us to modify our daily tasks into technology that is driven by such data. To achieve this, we must capture and maintain our data securely, and then use it effectively. However, the data jobs that we hire for will require people with not only the hard skills to manage data, but with big-picture thinking and problem-solving skills. Jobs that we see in high demand for this purpose include:

  • IT architects
  • Business intelligence analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Big data engineers
  • Robotics engineers

Tech Trend #4: Cybersecurity – The Environment of Zero Trust

While technology and digital transformation have the power to enhance security, what we have witnessed in recent years is an explosion of cybercrime. Consequently, to maximize the benefits of the digital workplace, businesses are investing heavily in their cybersecurity capability. Simply put, businesses that operate as if in an environment of zero trust are likely to create the most robust systems and digital infrastructure. There are a wide range of roles that are likely to be employed to achieve this, including:

  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Network security analyst
  • Ethical hacker
  • Penetration tester
  • Security engineer
  • Security architect
  • Security automation engineer
  • Chief security officer

Tech Trend #5: Hybrid Work Models

The pandemic accelerated the shift to remote work. Many companies are now embedding hybrid work models, in which workers spend some time in the office and some time working from home. Technology is the key to making this happen.

Various technologies can be used to enhance collaboration in remote teams, and this enhances the ability to hire talent from around the globe. HR technology will continue to improve, allowing more flexibility and greater agility in the adoption of hybrid workplaces. However, businesses will need to employ tech-savvy talent across all functions to reduce the onus on training and onboarding into new tech.

Tech Trend #6: Human Capital Management Solutions in the Cloud

As the hybrid workplace grows in popularity, and with teams more connected than ever, employers will need to keep pace by deploying human capital management solutions that enable leaders to manage, monitor, and measure team performance.

Many of these solutions will be held in the cloud, enabling decentralized reporting, and improving the employee experience. These will need to be managed and maintained, and made secure, as they will hold data that includes payroll, performance reviews, hiring, and more.

Tech Trend #7: Use of HR Technology to Promote DEI

The move toward greater DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in the workplace starts with HR. Technology is now being used by HR departments to remove bias at all levels of HR management ─ from hiring through to exit interviews, via onboarding, training, and promotion.

Technology can also help to identify trends in DEI, and these findings can be used to improve strategy and practices across the organization.

How Will You Recruit in 2023 and Beyond?

Just as our economy and society is being shaped by evolving technology, so, too, will who we recruit and how. Technology is shifting how we do things and what needs to be done to achieve business goals, and this is shaping the skills we must hire. Recruitment is responding and changing. It will continue to do so.

Where does a business start to shape itself for the future?

When we partner with a client, we learn all we can about their business model, strategy, and objectives. We bring our market experience and expertise to the table, and together we develop a hiring strategy that is designed to achieve those business objectives through highly targeted strategic recruiting.

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