Tips to Hire for Clearance Jobs Faster

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Filling clearance jobs will always be more challenging than ‘regular’ hiring. What should you be doing to fill your clearance jobs quick and with quality?

There are many factors working against you, including:

  • First, the tech skills shortage leaving only 29% of regular tech companies with the IT talent they need.
  • The fact you need clearance means the talent pool is dried further, as less candidates are willing to undergo lengthy clearance processes.
  • The best people with clearance are hard to find – they often aren’t actively looking for roles, and are much less easily detectible due to the nature of their work.

It’s a minefield of explosive talent being left undetected. Here are our tips to search and hire for clearance jobs.

For Speed, Play the Long Game

First, know that waiting for a vacancy need before posting a job description on a jobs board is the slowest way to hire, no matter how quickly you post it.

You must commit to the right hiring strategy and invest in continually massaging talent so that when you need that skill, you have the momentum to act fast.

With business and staffing needs fluctuating, you must consider hiring as a long game, not a quick fix. Only then can you hire quickly.

Get Your Name Out There

Your best clearance candidates may be low-key and hard to detect, but that doesn’t mean you should be. Ensure marketing efforts are made at jobs fairs and events so that both active and passive candidates learn about you. The more exposure you give, the more exposure to talent you’ll gain.

Approach to Network, Not Poach

Veterans and service members exiting service are a great pool of potential to source your talent from, often with their clearance still active. Contacting them with a poach-like attitude may lose you a great candidate who is not yet considering such an opportunity. Instead, be personable. Generate the foundations of a trustworthy connection, and help them realize opportunities themselves. Keep channels open, and nurture your bond.

Know the Industry

Your hiring team – how well do they know the industry, the company, the role itself? Make sure that who is representing your organization has plentiful current knowledge that will assist them in asking the right questions, assessing answers, and giving talent a reason to step forward in confidence.

Keep Communication Open

Clearance candidates are hard to come by. When you do discover them, keep a file on them, make notes about their personality, skills, or needs, and maintain communication. Don’t write off candidates who were unsuccessful previously. Many develop with experience. Make it easy for high-performing ex-employees and candidates to get in touch when the time is right for them.

Be Job Role-Specific

Define what your winning candidate will need as tools to start day one. But don’t limit yourself. Of course, there will be certain skills, qualifications, and attributes to match your company’s vision, as well as clearance. But consider transferable skills or backgrounds that could widen your pool of candidates.

Have an Employee Referral Program

People with clearance are a community. Having an incentivized employee referral program could allow you to uncover otherwise undetected cleared talent. If you have instilled a rewarding culture and support for your current employees, recommendations will serve you well.

Let the Specialists Fill Your Clearance Jobs the Expert Way

This really is your golden ticket to hiring for clearance jobs faster. Specialist recruiters like TECHEAD pump rigorous resources into detecting skills in clearance, and maintaining connections. When we understand your business staffing needs, we may already have someone available. If we don’t, we have the ability and dedication to search, and the expertise and network to know where.

Hiring a specialist recruiter takes away the costly expense of time and resources you must invest in if you want to locate cleared skills. Contact TECHEAD to find the clearance candidates you need.

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