Where Can I Hire Talented Tech Employees for Cleared Jobs?

How to Find the Most Hidden in the Recruitment World

Talented candidates for cleared jobs are hard to find. Not only are you battling against a skills shortage, but you are also searching for candidates who have the highest level of security clearance.

Across the board, companies are finding it harder than ever before to find talented tech employees for cleared jobs. A recent study by Manpower Group supported this, revealing that 7 in 10 employers reported talent shortages in 2019.

While the need for cleared tech talent is growing strongly, the scramble to find them is an immediate crisis.

It’s time to pinpoint the problem and find the answers to successfully hiring talented tech employees for cleared jobs.

Why Is It Difficult to Hire Tech Candidates for Cleared Jobs?

First, of course, is the cost of clearing candidates, which can run from $5,000 to $10,000 per candidate. This eye-watering process is also painstakingly long. While it can take less than six months, it can also take as long as 18 months.

Until an employee is cleared, either the employer must bear the entire cost for the employee, or the employee must accept the job on a contingent basis, and remain unemployed until the clearance is granted – and eligible candidates often fail this stage.

Meanwhile tech talent is in high demand. Therefore, many of the suitable candidates are opting for posts that don’t require clearance.

The demand for younger talented tech employees in cleared jobs is at a critical level. With the average labor force age of 50, the increase in retirement levels is set to jump from 14% to 30% by 2023.

Consequently, employers are experiencing ferocious competition in a shallow pool of talented, eligible, and dedicated tech candidates.

How Can You Source Cleared Candidates?

Hiring talented tech employees for cleared jobs is the most challenging sourcing niche in talent acquisition.

One of the most important aspects of successfully sourcing tech talent is to build your talent pipelines, and nurture them to the best of your ability. This is a time-consuming, enduring commitment to ensure you continuously engage with those in your talentreserve . Timing is crucial – you must act fast, yet keep your cleared candidates onboard for the long run.

You should also tap into veterans as key potential additions to your talent pipeline. Reach out and connect with the tech talent leaving the military, as they hold crucial knowledge and qualifications to fulfil the requirements in cleared jobs.

Tips to Help Hire Tech Talent for Cleared Jobs

Here are some essential tips to help you mine the best in the business.


While many industries can find talent and fill positions within days, this is not often possible when searching for cleared candidates. You must commit to spending time nurturing the relationships you’ve created, and building trust. Doing so will see commitment returned from your potential candidate when the time is right.

Become an Advocate

You need to put your salesperson hat on and be an advocate for your company. Review your mission statement and your values, and how your company presents discreetly to those in clearance.

Pinpoint the wants and needs of your desired candidates, and emphasize what your company excels in. When your brand is clear, it makes it easier for the best in the business to step forward.

Get Your Timing Right

When you think you’ve found great potential in an individual, you need to act fast and lay the foundations of an incredible future for them.

If they’re not interested at the time, your timing may be off. But they’re still a lead. Continue to nurture the connection so that when the timing is right for them, your arms are open.

Understand the Uniqueness

Sourcing talented tech employees in cleared jobs is vastly and extraordinarily different to standard recruiting. It’s a specialty, and the most highly skilled and cleared candidates always calculate their options – it’s why they’re good at what they do.

Understanding how unique this field is will ensure you source the right talent with accurate timing, skilled approach, and continuous nurturing.

Use a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies that specialize in this field are a crucial element in your reach for talented and cleared tech employees. They’ve already built the relationships, and gained loyalty and trust. They know underground information on upcoming contracts, and have the ability and resources to respond quickly.

It’s certainly worth utilizing a staffing agency in your search. They understand the specialization of sourcing for and filling cleared jobs contracts in the tech industry, and can provide you with invaluable insight and knowledge that will uncover the hidden contracts and the candidates to match.

Summing Up

You’re looking for the most talented candidates for cleared jobs. The process is arduous, the talent pool is shallow, and competition is ferocious. The tips we shared here will help you uncover the talent you seek.

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