Why Now Is the Best Time to Look for a New Job

Talent Is In Demand, and Now Is the Time to Cash In

“Is now the best time to look for a new job in the creative industries?”

It’s a question that may be playing on your mind. For any candidate looking to make that next move along the career ladder, it’s always difficult to know when the best time to look for a new job is – and in the current economy, it’s an even more difficult question to answer.

The fact is, if you are unappreciated in your current role, feeling unhappy at work, or simply keen to move on to the job of your dreams, staying put is rarely a great tactic. And we have some good news for you. Three terrific reasons why now is the perfect time to be job-seeking for those with highly developed skillsets.

Talent Is In High Demand

We all know about the talent shortage. It’s been well-documented for years. This shortage has been exacerbated by the Great Resignation.

In response to star employees leaving long-term jobs, many employers are not only in the market to replace them, but they have upgraded their terms of employment. It’s a candidate’s market, too, which means you hold more of the bargaining chips.

If you’re seeking better potential for personal growth, a job with more flexibility, and higher wages, your experience and talent could be in demand. Organizations are also more aware today of the value of hiring talent into their workforce. Should the economy decline, it is talent that will help businesses to maintain their competitive edge. This makes you a valuable commodity in today’s market.

Companies Are Making Faster Hiring Decisions

Businesses are streamlining their processes to make hiring as speedy as possible. Staffing agencies and hiring managers are approaching candidates directly through networking and social media channels such as LinkedIn, as well as more traditional routes.

It’s also evident that talent doesn’t stay on the job market for long. Therefore, when a hiring company finds the right candidate for them, they are moving faster.

A process that once took weeks or even months is often completed in days. Offers are being made at breakneck pace – sometimes within hours of a successful interview. For serious job seekers, you could be in your new role within weeks instead of months (depending on your exit terms with your current employer).

Hiring Companies Are Paying Higher Salaries and Better Compensation Packages

Salary may not be the reason for being unsatisfied in your current role (and if this is your only gripe, then you should speak to your boss), but we’ve got some tremendous news for you on the wages front.

According to data from Pew Research, most of those who change jobs are benefiting from an increase in their real earnings (wage increases after inflation). Fewer than half of those who remain in the same job can say the same. In the first quarter of 2022, for example, half of workers who switched jobs had a real wage increase of almost 10% over their pay in the job they left.

For the most talented candidates in the highest-demand roles, salary boosts of 20% and more are achievable.

There has also been increasing pressure on employers to provide comprehensive package benefits. Employers are now offering voluntary benefits to attract and keep talent in the workplace. Think about what is important to you: flexible working arrangements, healthcare, emotional and mental health strategies, absence management etc. – and ask for it.

Should You Change Jobs Now?

Okay, it’s a great time to switch jobs – but should you?

If you are happy in your work, get on well with your colleagues, and have a great boss who gets you, then our recommendation is no. However, there are several telltale signs that you should be seeking a new challenge. These include:

  • You complain about your job… constantly
  • You feel unappreciated
  • You are underpaid
  • You have no motivation or enthusiasm
  • You’re bored at work, and don’t feel challenged
  • You wish your days away
  • You throw ‘sickies’… or are really tempted to
  • You feel stressed or anxious
  • Your relationships with co-workers are deteriorating
  • Your unhappiness at work is affecting your home life
  • There is a lack of opportunities for career progression with your current employer

If you can relate to any or most of the above, then it is time for you to start looking for a new role. You deserve better, and your talent is in demand. Your job should excite you. You should feel challenged by the role and respected by co-workers. At the end of each day, you should be heading home content, satisfied, and ready for some home life fun or relaxation.

Now is the time to dust off and polish up your resume. Talk to a professional staffing agency, who will help you polish your resume and find the best role with the best company for you.

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