Why You Must Move Faster to Hire Talent into Creative Jobs

Is Your Hiring Process Sending Talent to Your Competitors?

Are you finding it challenging to hire for your creative jobs? Do you miss out on the best candidates? It’s tougher to hire the talent you need today.

The skills shortage is the highest it has been for a decade, with 69% of employers struggling to hire the talent they desperately need.

The Great Resignation has been well-documented, and that’s taken millions out of the market.

In today’s job market, the key to hiring better is to be mindful of hiring trends and hire faster. Remember, the best candidates are being courted by several hiring companies simultaneously. It’s the early bird that catches the worm! Speed of hiring is key.

Here’s why you’re being crushed by your competitors in the hunt for talent.

The Cost of Slow Hiring

You want the widest talent pool to choose from, and you want to be certain about a candidate before hiring him or her. This slows you down. And it means you miss out on star quality. Here’s why you must speed up your hiring process:

Your Slow Hiring Process Is More Expensive

The longer hiring takes, the more expensive it is. Applications and resumes must be reviewed. Managers are taken away from their teams to conduct interviews. Then there’s the cost of missing out on your preferred candidate ─ and possibly starting the hiring process over again.

Your Slow Hiring Process Is Hurting Your Business

Every day that you remain without the talent you need is a day of lower productivity. Plus, the extra work your remaining employees are doing to cover for your staffing shortfall is making them question their own position. Will the extra work weighing on them prompt them to look for a new role elsewhere?

Your Slow Hiring Process is Leaving Only Average Candidates

The best candidates are hired more quickly. As they receive offers from your competitors, you are left with average candidates at best. Recruit only average, and your firm won’t excel.

Your Slow Hiring Process Turns Off Talented Candidates

Slow hiring turns off the most talented candidates. They are assessing you as an employer, and poor hiring practices will make the best walk away. They’re going to tell their friends about their poor experience, too ─ and that’s going to restrict your potential talent pool even further.

Your Slow Hiring Process Leads to Higher Salaries

When you strike fast, the candidate is less likely to have received other offers, and you are less likely to get into a bidding war. Faster hiring can lead to lower salary demands ─ and you can afford to hire more talent!

Why Does Hiring Talent Take Your Company So Long?

When we work with clients to source the talent they need for their creative jobs, we find that damaging slow hiring processes share many of the same characteristics:

Ineffective Job Descriptions

Poorly written job descriptions fail to attract highly-skilled candidates. You must describe the person you wish to hire, and sell the role and your company to candidates who match this description.

Too Many Applications

Poorly composed job descriptions often lead to too many applications. Each application and resume you receive adds work and slows down the process. Do you really want to receive 200 applications from average candidates? Or would it be more productive to receive half a dozen top-quality candidates?

Poor Interview Processes

Bad interview technique speaks volumes about your company. Stop using the same questions that a candidate has been asked a thousand times before. Do engage in meaningful conversations that spark interest ─ and tailor questions that demonstrate real interest in the candidate and their experience to date.

Remember, too, that the more applicants you receive, the more you are probably going to interview in your hiring quest. And that drags out the hiring process even further ─ as does every second and third interview.

Seeking the Perfect Candidate

There are few candidates who will be perfect. A failure to compromise, and holding out for the perfect candidate is costly. You must ask if 95% of it all is better than 100% of nothing.

Decision Making Takes Too Long

When it comes to decision making, many companies take too long. Their process involves too many people, and managers are hard to button down. They prevaricate, and red tape stops a quick offer being made.

Hire TECHEAD to Accelerate Your Hiring

At TECHEAD, we specialize in helping clients hire better and faster. We get to know you and your hiring needs, to fully understand the role and your company culture.

We then focus on targeting high-quality, active and passive candidates who are matched to your needs and your team. This means you remove the most tiresome and time-consuming elements of hiring ─ and we present the very best four to six candidates to you.

We’ll help you further by staying in touch with the candidate, providing feedback, and acting as your feedback loop from the candidate, too.

The result? Faster and more effective hiring in the race for top creative talent.

To hire the creative talent you need, contact TECHEAD today.

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